6.5-inch Windows 10 Phone Appears At GFXBench

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6.5-inch Windows 10 Phone Appears At GFXBench
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6.5-inch Windows 10 Phone Appears At GFXBench

Windows Phone seems to be doing pretty good in the market and today GFXBench leaked a news 6.5-inch Windows 10 smartphone. Looking at specifications, it seems that this new 6.5-inch Windows Phone is a budgeting smartphone.

It will have a 6.5-inch HD Display have 1279×720 pixels resolution. Having low resolution, the phone will support 720P HD videos. It will have a 12 MP rear and 5MP front camera. It will have a Qualcomm ARMv7 Quadcore processor and  Qualcomm Adreno 305 GPU.

Looking at this spec, we can assume that the phone will cost in between the price range of $150. The launch date and the exact price of the phone is not yet decided.

Stay tuned to know more.



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