ASUS Introduces CM-32 AC2600 Router – Perfect For 4K Streaming

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ASUS Introduces CM-32 AC2600 Router – Perfect For 4K Streaming
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ASUS’s components are always up to the mark are known for their better performance. ASUS today announces their CM-32 AC2600 Router. At the design front it comes with MU-MIMO support, 4×4 antenna that gives better range range and this with 1734 Mbps of bandwidth on the 5 GHz band along with 796 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band.

This assures that the router is perfect companion for gaming & broadcasting 4 k videos. It comes with Intel Puma Processor for better results. The four antenna is designed to transmit & receive signals where as the AiRadar beamforming delivers blazing coverage. This router is available at for $249.29.


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