Black Clover Episode 8 spoiler

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Black Clover Episode 8 spoiler
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Get ready to see over annoying Asta in the episode 8 of Black Clover. In the last episode, we see some new character and Asta’s new teammates. As he joined the Black Bulls after passing the Magic Knight exam. It was a good episode and many of us just can’t wait, well I have Black Clover Episode 8 spoiler. If you want to know what is going to happen in the next episode of Black Clover than continue reading and if you don’t want a spoiler just read my Black Clover Episode 7 review.

Spoiler/My Prediction

The last episode was kind of an introductory episode of Asta to Black Bulls. After that, it comes to their first team assignment/mission. Now you know everyone gets super excited about their first missions. But the first mission is always like the lowest grade mission. Now I won’t tell you what it will be, though I know what it is. It is related to a wild animal and village.

Now after hearing about their first mission you’ll feel that it’s a simple mission just like Asta and Noelle but wait until the end of the episode is going to be an amazing one. In the next episode, there will a new fight and some new villains/psychopath. I know things about the episode like when Asta is going to nullify the magic that was cast on the village (their first mission’s destination). And I know that we will be seeing Asta, Magna, and Noelle riding on Magna’s flying broom as Asta don’t have any magic and Noelle can’t control her magic.

It will be a funny episode but in the end, it will get little intense. Though I just pray Asta will stay within his limit and won’t shout unnecessarily.

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