Boruto Episode 27 Spoilers

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Boruto Episode 27 Spoilers
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boruto episode 1 ReviewIn the last episode of Boruto(Boruto Episode 26), we got to see something amazing. We get to know about several things and this arc seems to take a good turn. All the fans of Naruto and Boruto are hooked to the series and waiting for the next episode. Well as being your host here at geeksnipper it’s my moral duty to let you know everything about the anime world. So, today in this post I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen in the next episode. Yes, you are right I know the Boruto Episode 27 spoilers. If you are ready for some spoilers and ready to know about Boruto episode 27, just sit tight and keep on reading.

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So, what to expect?

Before I start telling you about the cool stuff that we might see in the next episode other than finally seeing Boruto fighting with the bad guys for real. In the last episode, Danki got himself in trouble as he got kidnapped by Hachiya’s and his allies. They sent a message to Boruto that says “We got your Friend”.

In the next episode, we are going to see Kagura and Boruto teamed up to save Danki. But on their way, Kagura and Boruto are entrapped by Hachiya’s allies. We’ll see a large number of ninjas surround Boruto and Kagura. And by not taking another minute they will attack Boruto and Kagura (Finally we will get to see Boruto’s power).

But according to what we have heard before we get to see Boruto’s strength, Kagura will reveal a huge secret. Our source didn’t tell us anything about the secret but it will be a huge one. This fight between Boruto, Kagura and other ninja’s seem like a good bout between shinobis and that’s why next episode is titled as Shinobi Bout Begin.

Personally me after knowing about it can’t wait another minute to see what is going to happen. But guess what we don’t have another option. So, for the time being, let’s discuss what you think and if you haven’t watch read my review of Boruto episode 26.

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