The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 2 review.
Inuyashiki: Last Hero episode 1 review
Juuni Taisen episode 2 review
Boruto episode 28 review
Dragon Ball Supper Episode 111 Spoiler

Black Clover Episode 2 Review

By Mask Man
Watch Black Clover Episode 2   Black Clover Episode List Title:  Black Clover ep-2, The Boy’s Promise Release date:  October  10, 2017 Original Maker:   Yūki Tabata Last night another episode of Black Clover was released on crunchy roll. So without further Read More...

Junni Taisen episode 2 spoiler

By Mask Man
12th zodiac war has begun to determine the legendary warrior, Juuni Taisen is getting intense from its first episode. All the rules have been set, Warriors have gathered and the poison well inserted into the stomach of each one of Read More...

Gintama season 6 episode 2 review

By Mask Man
Watch Gintama season 6 episode 2 (Gintama Episode 330)   Title:  Gintama Season Six – Episode 2 Release date:   8-October-2017 Original Maker:  Hideaki Sorachi   Gintama episode 330 was aired yesterday and it was just amazing. The first episode of slip Read More...

Kino no Tabi The Beautiful World episode 1 review

By Mask Man
Watch Kino no Tabi The Beautiful World episode 1   W  After a long wait of over 10 years, we finally got a new season of this pretty old series. If you haven’t read the title of this post then let Read More...

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 1 Review

By Mask Man
Watch The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 1 I find it, the first episode of The Ancient Magus’ Bride is the best episode of Fall season Anime of 2017. From the character to the theme there is nothing that I don’t Read More...

Boruto episode 29 spoiler

By Mask Man
  Watch Boruto Episode 29 If you have read my last post on Boruto who must have know what is going to happen in the next episode of Boruto. But what if I can tell you a little about the Read More...

Boruto episode 28 spoiler

By Mask Man
After watching the last episode I can conclude that Boruto is going through its filler episodes phase. Still Boruto series refuses to get boring, last episode of Boruto, episode 27 was kind of boring until its end. In the end Read More...

Just Because Episode 1 Review

By Mask Man
Watch Just Because Episode 1 Love and romance I’m kind of into it and because of that I love this new anime form Fall of 2017 “Just Because”. When looking for animes to watch this season I read about Just Read More...

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