Error Code 80072efd -Unable To Access Microsoft Outlook
Error 0x80131500 – Windows App Error
Google play services error- “Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped“
Error 24 – App Installing/Upgradable Problem | Know How To Solve It
Error 961 – Google Play Unknown Install Error

403 Forbidden Error – A Google Play Error

By Subhendu Dutta
“XYZ Application could not be downloaded due to an error” or Request is Forbidden. These are the common forms in which the above mentioned error occurs. This is faced by users when they attempt to download and install or update Read More...

Error 919: Google Play Error

By Subhendu Dutta
“Error 919: Unknown Error Code during application install” is a typical error encountered by users who are attempting to install or update a software, app or game on an Android device via Google Play Store. What is Error 919? The Read More...

Solve Error Code 16 On Your Adobe CC

By Chiranjeevi Bhattarai
If you have an Adobe CC, then you might come across the error code 16, while trying to open your Adobe CC applications. But, there is a very simple solution for this. Before going to the solution, lets know why this Read More...

“Storage Almost Full” Whatsapp – Windows Phone Whatsapp Error

By Chiranjeevi Bhattarai
We have seen quite a few Windows Phone error and have successfully solved them. Today i encountered a new Whatsapp error on my Windows Phone that is “Storage Almost Full.” if you are facing the same error message, then we Read More...

Solution For Whatsapp Error On Windows Phone “Can’t Connect”

By Chiranjeevi Bhattarai
Windows Phone users might get an error “Can’t Connect” when they try to access Whatsapp. I faced the same problem on my Lumia, but at the same time i found the solution to it. The error “Can’t Connect” occurs when your Whatsapp Read More...

Error Code 80073cf9- Know The Perfect Way To Solve This Windows Phone Error

By Chiranjeevi Bhattarai
If you have a Windows Phone then Error Code 80073cf9 is one of the most common  error that you will find. This error code occurs mostly in Windows 8.1 and above versions. This error occurs when you try to install Read More...

How To Activate Mobile Data Sharing On Your Nokia Lumia 735

By Chiranjeevi Bhattarai
I was just going through my dad’s Nokia Lumia 735 and he had one question on how to activate his Mobile Data Sharing. So I thought of sharing a solution to this. So, if you are an owner of the Read More...
Error Code 805a8011

Error Code 805a8011 And How To Solve It – Windows Phone Error

By Chiranjeevi Bhattarai
If you have a Windows Phone, then you might get an Error Code 805a8011.  Error code 805a8011 is a basic Windows store error. This error occurs at the time when you start your Windows Stores. You can also spot this error when you Read More...

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