HTC To Manufacture Nexus 9 & Installed Xiaolong 821 Android N

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HTC To Manufacture Nexus 9 & Installed Xiaolong 821 Android N
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Nexus 9 Leak

For those who are waiting for the new Nexus 9, here are some information for you. According to the source HTC to manufacture the upcoming Google Nexus 9. The Nexus 9 will have a code name M1 and S1. This ensure that Google Nexus 9 will also come with 2 variant similar to Nexus 6/6P. It is expected to be called Nexus 9M and Nexus 9S.

With all this it is also expected that HTC and Google is working together to make the Nexus 9 a water proof phone, which if made will create a good hype for people to buy this phone. Talking about the specification this unit will be installed with the powerful Xiaolong 821 clocked at 2.15 GHz and a 6GB RAM. This smartphone will release in September 2016 and will come with an official version of Android N.

There is no update about the camera or other specification.


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