Information Leaked About The Upcoming HTC D826S With Dual SIM

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Information Leaked About The Upcoming HTC D826S With Dual SIM
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Few months earlier we covered a news about HTC’s upcoming smartphone, HTC Desire 826T and now @upleaks leaks a news about HTC’s upcoming smartphone i.e. HTC D826S, which seems to have a same specification as the 826T.

According to upleaks, HTC D826S comes with a 5.5-inch HD display. This smartphone is powered with an Android 5.0 and HTC’s feature Sense 7.0. It is installed with MediaTek MT6752 processor, which ensures higher performance at lower consumption of power. This ensures, HTC 826S will have a amazing battery life. It has a 2GB RAM, and 16GB internal memory and equipped with a 13MP rear camera and expected to have a 13/4MP front camera. This smartphone will support dual SIM.

After comparing the spec of the 826S and 826T; bot the news shows the exact same specification, which lead us to think, “are both same?” Let us know about your thought on this.

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