Makeover On Samsung Galaxy S8 – Samsung Introduces Rose Pink Edition

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Makeover On Samsung Galaxy S8 – Samsung Introduces Rose Pink Edition
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Samsung Galaxy S8 is doing pretty good with their Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver, Coral Blue, Maple Gold color variant phone, but they thought let’s add one more. Recently Samsung announced their all new Rose Pink edition on their Galaxy S8 (64GB Variant).

They will start selling this new color variant of the Galaxy S8 starting from today (June 30/2017), but only in selected market (That includes South Korea as well as Taiwan). They haven’t disclosed about the availability of this new variant in  other countries, but we expect they will surely make it available.

They have kept the specification all same with just a color as an add-on. This clearly indicates that they are targeting the feminines with the new Rose Pink color, which indicates that they will be bringing a limited number of  this models (just a prediction).


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