Protect Your Android Phone Hotspot From Hackers & Freeloaders

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protect mobile hotspot

When you setup hotspot in your device, it is really important for you to make sure that you protect your mobile hotspot. Protecting your device connection is the prime need otherwise you might be a victim or hacking or temporary data usage. Security in mobile hotspots specifies the type of encryption method to add security to your wifi hotspot so as to no unauthorized access to your data can be made.

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Enabling strong encryption on your hotspot

Security encryption on newer portable hotspots come default. Manufacturers enable default SSID and WPA-PSK encryption factory set.

The main Problem with the most default security setup is that the security strength may be weak or outdated such as WEP.

You should enable WPA2 which is the currently used encryption type.

Changing hotspot SSID

This is another security measure to ensure your hotspot is secure. Default SSID is mostly dictionary words which are easy to detect. By changing the default SSID to other random combination of keys security can be increased.

It is necessary to change the default SSID for the reason that hackers have precomputed hash table for pre-shared keys which are easily detectable.

Creating strong passwords

As the hackers are able to access precomputed hash table with pre-shared keys they can easily hack and access your hotspot that is the reason why you should change your password.

Keep your password as long as possible and avoid dictionary or commonly used words. Alphanumeric password with one or two special characters is hard to guess.