Rollr Mini RM01 – Best Gadget To Monitor Your Car’s Behavior

Rollr Mini RM01 – Best Gadget To Monitor Your Car’s Behavior

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We all love our car & keep to have a track on it, specially if it’s with others. Specially parents. But in this technology world, there are gadgets that helps you to track your cars location. What if I say there is a gadget that  can help you to manage your cars activity in real time?

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Rollr an Indian Technology Company has developed a device Mini RM01 that helps make this possible. The Mini RM01 helps you to track your cars speed, engine performance (fuel level, battery) & also gives you real time report.

How does it work?

It’s simple. You just have to place this device inside your car (OBD-II port of your car) and once done you can monitor it through the app.

Some Cool features it has?

Lets Track Speed Limit:

Features in Rollr Mini

With this app, it is possible for you to set the speed limit in your app. When the car crosses the speed limit you will get an instant notification on your app. With this you have your control on your car, if without your presence.

Get Drivers Rating:

Rollr Mini Rating

This is one of the amazing feature that gives an automatic review after examining your driving behaviour. The rating is given depending on how your car was driven. This feature will also help to improve the your driving. In short your daily car inspector.

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