Samsung Plans To Launch Devices With Tizen OS – Are They Getting Rid Of Android?

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Samsung Plans To Launch Devices With Tizen OS – Are They Getting Rid Of Android?
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Samsung Tizen Devices

We have seen few Samsung Tizen smartphones and we believe that it is performing well in the market. Recently from few sources, we got to know that Samsung is working towards launching more Tizen powered devices. This is not just limited to Smartphones, but TV’s, wearable and many more. It is believed that Samsung will get rid of Android powered devices and will get it’s independent OS on their devices.

Having Tizen OS, it will reduce the cost for Samsung devices. According to the reports Samsung will first launch their Tizen products in Indian market. It is expected that Samsung will launch total of 64 millions phones in the Indian market. This ensures that Samsung has some huge plan, which is the reason why they are capturing the huge market, that is India. They say that they will introduce their Z-series smartphone in India first, then to the rest of the world.

Samsung having Tizen devices will reduce the cost of the smartphone and at the same time other manufacturers will have to look for some alternative solution if this happens. The challenge with Tizen is the apps, but we believe that they might have some solution for that. If you think that Samsung is taking a right step to get rid of Android by giving Tizen experience on their devices, then comment below and let us know your thought on the same.

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