LG Developing Its Own High-End Processor
Apple Patent Screen Reader With Integrated Fingerprint
apple Patent fingure print sensor
Nokia & Meizu Together To Create New Flagship Model: Image Leaked
Nokia And meizu First Smartphone
Xiaomi Zero New Smartphone Image Leaked
Xiaomi Zero Image leaked
Millet Note Flagship Version Appears: With Double-Sided Metal Frame Curved Glass
Millet Note Price
Xiaomi 5 Specification Confirmed

Xiaomi Mi5 Specification And Price Got Confirmed: No More Rumors

By Chiranjeevi Bhattarai
It had just passed few days on the leak image of Xiamoi Mi5 and now one of the sources from weibo have revealed the specification and price of Xiaomi Mi5. The Xiaomi Mi5 comes with a 5.7-inch quad HD display Read More...

Google announced to withdraw Google Earth API next year -Dec-12- 15

By Chiranjeevi Bhattarai
Recently, Google announced on their GoogleDevelopers Blog that, they will deprecate the Google API from December 12, 2015, next year. The reason behind this being Chrome and Firefox  current announcement to remove the NPAPI plugin framework support with which the Google Earth Read More...

Qualcomm Ventures To Invest $40 Million In Chinese Companies: The Next Generation Mobile Technology Expected

By Chiranjeevi Bhattarai
In the Press Conference at Beijing, on 11-Dec-2014, Qualcomm announced to invest $40 million in Chinese companies. They have chosen the leading companies, which have supported mobile and wireless technologies with their innovative work and technologies. They company they have Read More...

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