10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Event Management

Mobile Apps For Event Management
10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Event Management

Special events keep coming in our lives and the more special an event is the more crucial it is to plan it carefully. However, planning is a herculean task. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best 10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Event Management that can help you throughout the process of planning and organizing an event.

And in order to plan an event properly, one needs to go through multiple steps. From finding the venue to finding the sponsors and arranging the meals, it’s all compulsory. 

Now that you’ve planned to organize the event and manage it by yourself, you might need a helping hand.

Thanks to the technology that it is now possible to get some help without paying even a penny. All you need is a smart device, internet connectivity and the right apps by your side.

10 Amazing Mobile Apps For Event Management


Primarily a project management tool, Monday.com includes a feature for event management. It allows you to manage all the teammates, set work deadlines for them along with the tasks assigned and everything from a single dashboard. 

With this app, everyone involved in the project can easily access the workflow and see the progress of each and every teammate. All you need to do is create a dashboard, filled with task rows known as pulses that represent various to-dos for all the teammates. 


The best full-stack event mobile app that provides you with almost every feature that you might require while organizing an event. 

Features include ticketing fees, private event codes, custom branding, goal planning, social integrations, etc. 

Now if you want to solely organize as well as manage an event, EventsXD might be the right fit for you.


Not just the event organizers but also for the attendees, Pathable is an app that helps both. However, on the basis of the features, it’s more inclined towards the managers. 

The features include meeting scheduling, interactive maps, chat, branded event landing page, polls, and surveys, etc. 


If you’re looking to turn your event into a digital moment then Explara is the right fit for you. Explara is an app that constitutes the features of more than ten individual apps. 

From digitizing the registration process to checking the reports, Explara is ready to support you at every step. The best part is, you can do it all through a single dashboard.


The best conference management software, OpenConf is used by most of the people organizing conferences all around the world. 

OpenConf’s features include paper submissions, peer review, abstract and conference management, etc. 

Moreover, it also provides a website builder tool for building a specific page for your conference.


Not just for event management, Trello is a complete project management tool. Trello allows you to easily manage your entire team, to-dos, manage tasks and many more things. 

The best thing about Trello is that it allows you to manage all the teammates, collaborate, set goals for each one of them, and then track the progress and everything through just one window. 

What else does one need?


Whether you need to build a website for the event, or sell the tickets, collect the attendees’ details, create reports, or anything related to your event, Bizzabo is ready to serve you. 

Bizzabo’s drag and drop website builder can help you to build a website within a few minutes plus embed the widgets that are required for your event into the website. 

Moreover, Bizzabo also provides you with several marketing tools that can help you to promote your event like a pro. 


From on-demand badge printing to managing the guest list, Boomset can help you with many things. Especially if you’re trying to organize a big event and need to enable fast check-in, 

Boomset is the best tool for you. It provides you with features like self-check-in, facial recognition, lead retrieval and many more. 

The tool is trusted by many event organizers, marketers, HR professionals, etc. 


Microsoft’s very own event management app, EventGrid is an event routing service. However, before utilizing the tool, you should know them in detail. It will prove beneficial.

It was primarily introduced to make it easy to build event-based and serverless applications on Microsoft’s Azure. 

Simply put, EventGrid is a cloud service that helps to organize events from any corner of the world. 


Everwall is a must-use tool when it comes to organizing as well as marketing any event. It helps you to display tweets about your event in real-time. Formerly known as Tweetwall, it is one of the best ways to create a buzz about your events in the social world.


Socio is an app that helps you to ensure attendees are present and engaged after the event actually starts. After you add your event on Socio you get to add the features which include additional planning, sharing, and engagement capabilities.

To Conclude

Organizing an event is not a one-person job, you need several people to manage different tasks and responsibilities. 

However, if you’ve decided to do it all alone, you can use some tools to help you out without messing it up. 

So these were the top 10 apps that you might use to organize as well as manage your event without asking for the help of others. 

If you think we’ve missed any app, let us know in the comments. Happy organizing!

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