10 Best Web Design Software for 2020


Introduction –

To know web design software, first, we need to know what is web design. Therefore, the simple definition of web design goes as the process of creating websites. It incorporates numerous different aspects which are inclusive of webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. Below in this article, we will cover the 10 Best Web Design Software for 2020.

Web design specifically can be considered as a subset of the broader category of web development. This generally provides a visual interface for making the design of the webpage layout and software. 

Now, let us have a look over the best web design software which can’t be missed. 

10 Best Web Design Software – 

Web design software makes the user capable of creating web templates and designs in very less timeline. The advanced web creation software assists you in creating magnificent web designs with ease and simplicity. 

In order to create websites and website templates, some glimpses of the web design software are here below; 

1. WordPress 

WordPress is an absolutely free and open-sourced software that helps the user in building any type of website with ease and simplicity. Taking the report from the review it has been seen that over 30 percent of the web utilizes WordPress and has turned it into the most popular content management system of the universe. Website Advisor also says that WordPress is the best possible free website builder you can use at this time.

The software provides you with the liberty of checking out the best built-in WordPress themes. Any WordPress theme for website designers can be installed and operated in it as per the requirements. All the themes of it provide a basic structure and alongside the colors, backgrounds and images can be altered.

The installation process is quite easy where the only requirement is domain name and web hosting. 

10 Best Web Design Software for 2020

2. Constant Contact Builder 

The user, as well as any viewer or customer, can obtain a powerful drag from Constant Contact where certain website building and designing software can be evaluated and received. It is also very helpful and mandatorily useful for beginners if they are wishing for and putting effort into creating a website from the ground.

The prior work is to sync the website builder with the Facebook page. Within a certain few minutes, the builder will collect all the building info, images, and texts from Facebook and will help in creating a business website for the user.

Besides these, building an e-commerce store as well as promoting the products by utilizing the constant contact email marketing software is an easier task. This process specifically enhances and enables the user to sell physical products along with digital products and services.

Starting with a basic account possessing basic features that will be free can be the best way. Constant Contact can be upgraded to their premium plans for more and more features. 

Constant Contact
10 Best Web Design Software for 2020

3. SiteBuilder 

This is a web design software which comes in a package of hundred if already created templates which assist any user in creating a website with ease. There is a drag and drop builder option inside the software which aids in building the website from scratch or else the option of customizing web templates and designing the tools and layouts are also available for availing better structure and transparency. It offers the user a provision of free domain name and web hosting and procures many different plans to get started as quickly as possible. 

It offers you the provision of many customization options and various design tools for adding up many images, contents and other media files to the web template. 

10 Best Web Design Software for 2020
10 Best Web Design Software for 2020

4. Gator Builder 

This is a web design and development software provided by HostGator. It is entirely packed with many web templates that are dynamic and can offer you work with third party services. Drag and drop interfaces are an add on to make an addition in images and videos just by one click. Every plan of it comes with a hosting option. This development software integrates with social channels and display feeds from social media channels.

10 Best Web Design Software for 2020
10 Best Web Design Software for 2020

5. Divi 

Divi is considered as a popular WordPress theme as well as a web design software. It also comes with a drag and drop interface which assists in creating custom web templates. There are also pre-built templates designed specifically for many restaurants and cafes. This also offers you advanced visual editor for making customization of the templates with various effects and transformations. 

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The software is updated to make editing, undoing, re-doing and revising of the customizations. There is a point and clicking tool by which any text can be added anywhere in the web template. The website designing and development process is made easy with the packages of global elements and style options. 

10 Best Web Design Software for 2020
10 Best Web Design Software for 2020

6. Weebly 

It is a popular web creating and designing software. This software can be utilized for creating various web designs for general websites and various e-commerce stores. It also comes with a drag and drop interface to create the web design in a few minutes.

No code is necessary here as it is a hosted solution. The drag and drop makes it simpler to develop web designs. 

The plans come both free and with paid options where features are enhanced.

10 Best Web Design Software for 2020
10 Best Web Design Software for 2020

7. Adobe Photoshop 

It is a premium web designing tool. Creating and editing web templates is a minute away when you access it. There are infinite colours and gradient options along with the availability of creating graphics and images for proper web design. It functions specifically in layers and provides you the choice of an open canvas where you can do anything with images, elements etc.

10 Best Web Design Software for 2020
10 Best Web Design Software for 2020

8. Adobe Dreamweaver 

It is also an advanced web designing software. It appears with a screen where you can write code and design the web template. It provides you the option of live preview and from the drag and drop section, you can create the web design.

10 Best Web Design Software for 2020
10 Best Web Design Software for 2020

9. GIMP 

It is a free web design tool. It works with various images and create web pages as well as template designs. It comes handy with numerous good tools to create a web template. You have the liberty to create artwork, mockups and web designs.

10 Best Web Design Software for 2020
10 Best Web Design Software for 2020

10. Sketch 

It is a web design software specifically for Mac devices. Web templates and designs can be created by it. It works with vector images to provide you high-resolution images. It provides you full flexibility. It has a mirroring feature. 

10 Best Web Design Software for 2020
10 Best Web Design Software for 2020

Conclusion – 

We wish that the above mentioned assists you in finding the best web design software according to your use and convenience. 

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