10 Great Things to Consider When Visiting Bogota

10 Great Things to Consider When Visiting Bogota
10 Great Things to Consider When Visiting Bogota

With the current economy, many people are giving up their vacations to save money. What if you could save money and still enjoy a great vacation? It is possible with the availability of furnished apartment rentals today. The ability to enjoy a vacation without breaking the bank is possible if you decide to go with furnished apartments rental in Bogota accommodation. If you’re planning a vacation, here are 10 Great Things to Consider When Visiting Bogota you should rent a condo.

1. Save Money

One of the main reasons to choose furnished apartment rentals is the savings you can enjoy. Money may be tight, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible vacation. A vacation condo is cheaper than a hotel, making it a wise and frugal decision if you are going on a vacation on a budget.

2. Value of Choice

The value of choice is another reason to rent a condo for your next vacation. Some areas may have limited hotel choices. Vacation condos offer many excellent choices.

3. Enjoy More Space

You’ll enjoy more space with furnished apartment rentals too. Hotels are very limited in space, making you feel claustrophobic. There is plenty of room in a condo so everyone has plenty of personal space.

4. Feel At Home

Yet another reason that a vacation condo is a great idea is that you’ll feel right at home. It is not impersonal like a hotel. It feels like a real home, providing you with the relaxation you deserve.

5. Cook Your Own Meals

You’ll be able to cook your own meals when renting a condo. A full kitchen is available, and since eating out all the time can get costly, this is one more way that you can save money.

6. Great Locations

There are great locations available – another big reason to rent a condo. The best vacation areas all have great condos that you can easily rent, so you can enjoy some of the locations you have always dreamed about.

7. Accommodate More People

Apartment rentals can also accommodate more people than hotel rooms, allowing you to have plenty of room for the entire family. Also, since more people can go along, you can split the cost more, cutting the cost even more.

8. More Privacy

If privacy is important to you, you’ll love a vacation condo. Instead of sharing an area with strangers, you’ll have the privacy that is almost like home. You’ll enjoy having the place to yourself.

9. Spend More Money Elsewhere

Since you’ll be saving money on your furnished apartment rentals, you’ll be able to spend more money elsewhere. This means you can spend more on entertainment and souvenirs instead of dumping your entire vacation budget into lodging costs.

10. Great Amenities

The great amenities are another reason to go with a vacation condo. Many condos have amenities like pools and workout rooms to make your vacation even more exciting.

Apart from five-star hotels, there are other accommodation facilities available like furnished apartment rentals that offer you similar services in almost half the price. 

furnished apartment rentals are the best alternative to expensive hotels as they are highly economical. Renting a fully furnished condo is the right choice especially, if you are planning a long trip. 

There are a lot of benefits of renting a luxury condominium instead of a five-star hotel.

Nowadays, the accommodation rates of five-star hotels are extremely high and making reservations for more than a week can cost you a huge amount of money. 

Furnished apartment rentals are an economical option as the charges are directly proportional to the facility you book. Which means you can select a condominium that suits your budget.

Staying in luxury furnished apartment rentals also offers you a great amount of privacy and flexibility. If you don’t want to be disturbed by room service and wish to stay away from the stringent formalities of hotel reservations then furnished apartment rentals are the right choice for you. 

Here, you do not have to make a check-in and check-out entry every time you are going out as in the case of hotels.

Luxury vacation by staying at a furnished apartment rental offers all the facilities that you get in a five-star hotel, such as cable TV, swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, car parking, etc. plus access to additional activities like onsite water sports, biking, golfing and more. 

Not only these rentals offer impeccable amenities, but also first-rate services, and homely atmosphere at very affordable prices.


Awaiting you in the many attractive spots in Colombia are your dream-perfect vacation rentals where you can relax in a private beach-side getaway with more amenities than a four-star resort.

Choose a Bogota area furnished apartment rental to suit not only your specific individual needs but your budget as well. 

Whether you are a couple seeking a romantic hideaway, a group of mainland surfers looking for that perfect wave, a family seeking holiday fun or retired seniors on a once-in-a-lifetime outing, there’s a condo for your liking. 

In fact, your choice from the region’s wealth of seaside condos is definitely going to be according to your personal needs.

The biggest benefit of renting a luxury condominium is that you can select the location. The hotels are usually located on the outskirts of, away from the hustle and bustle of the city but luxury condominium is available in posh areas which allow you to enjoy the delights of tourist destination without affecting your budget.

You get to know more about the culture, lifestyle, and norms of the tourist destination by staying in a furnished apartment as it gives you a chance to interact with local people living nearby.

While staying in hotels you just get to touch the surface level of a place without getting an insight into the real country life.

If you planning along holiday for rejuvenating experience and looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation then apartment rentals are your ultimate destination. Bogota has an excellent selection of furnished apartments located in top luxury resorts in Bogota, Colombia.

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