10 Popular Disney Princess Names for Girls


Disney Princess NamesAre you a Disney fan? Do you spend countless hours watching Disney movies? If yes, being a Disney fanatic, you must consider a beautiful Disney princess names for your little one! Sounds pretty cool, right? 

Disney princess names for girls are inspired by strong Disney characters that fetch truckloads of positive vibes and memories. The famous Disney princess characters like Ariel, Tiana, Elsa, Belle, and others motivated you to live in a fairy tale and shaped your childhood. 

The 10 Best Disney Princess Names to Use for your Little Princess

Now it’s time to revive your memories by naming these characters to your attractive baby girl! However, not just these films, every character captivates us due to their morality, generosity, and goodness. 

So, if you are a mommy soon, you would also love to infuse those mesmerizing traits in your kiddo. That’s why CocoFinder has compiled a list of the top 10 popular Disney princess girl’s names from feature films and cartoons. Let’s get started!

  • Aurora

If you are an avid watcher of Disney cartoons, you must know the princess Aurora, a well-known Disney character known for her dulcet voice in Sleeping Beauty. However, the name emerges from Roman myth, and it means ‘the Goddess of Dawn.’ 

The name is also associated with the glorious Northern Lights of Aurora Borealis. It has a distinctly romantic vibe, which also means the goddess, whose tears converted into the morning dew. So, it would be a peppy name for your baby girl, and its others nickname includes ‘Rory.’

  • Bianca

Did you remember Ms. Bianca, a mouse named in the movie ‘The Rescuers?’ It is an Italian version of ‘Blanche,’ which means ‘white.’ It was brought into the light for the first time by Mrs. Mick Jagger. 

Furthermore, it has also showcased in two prominent Shakespeare plays, ‘The Taming of the Shrew,’ and ‘Othello.’ So, it will be a unique name for your baby girl when Tia Carrere chose it for her cutest daughter.

  • Cinderella

The name ‘Cinderella’ will be one of the top-notch and popular Disney princess names for girls of all times! There is nothing more beautiful and elegant than this name. 

Such a charming name, ‘Cinderella,’ means ‘one whose attributes are undetected’ and ‘the one who surprisingly acquires accreditation or success after a phase of negligence and anonymity.’ So, your little cinder girl will be worthy to bear this name.

  • Ellie

Now, who does not want to give this lovable moniker to their daughter after one of the prevalent love stories? The name ‘Ellie’ may not provide a prolonged screen time, but she has made a crucial impact on all the Disney watchers. 

It was previously named after the director’s daughter. Therefore, this name would be a favorable name for your baby girl, which means ‘shining light.’ However, it also indicates a girl with powerful English origin, resembling a ‘bright shining one.’ 

  • Elsa

The name ‘Elsa’ is one of the premium and cutest names on the list and became extremely popular after the 1990s. But it has broken all the stereotypes and emerged as popular Disney princess names for girls after the movie ‘Disney Frozen.’ 

According to many parents, it is a continuously impressive naming option for their cute little princess. However, ‘Elsa’ is the shortest version of Elizabeth, which means ‘oath of God.’ 

  • Flora

This cute, authentic, and regal name ‘Flora’ is featured in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ as a royal queen fairy, giving Princess Aurora the specialized gift of beauty. It also belongs to the name of the popular Roman goddess of flowers, garden, and spring. 

The cutest moniker made a massive comeback with its extended version ‘Florence.’ Apart from being a delicate and refined name, it has always been a superb choice for parents from Scotland. However, ‘Flora’ means flower.

  • Jasmine

Every Disney fanatic must remember ‘Jasmine,’ a magnificent princess of Agrabah, in the movie ‘Aladdin.’ This powerful character fascinates the audience with her pretty looks and her eccentricity and pretty flower name. 

Such a premium moniker breaks the popularity chart after its releasing and every parent loves to name their daughter ‘Jasmine.’ They love to spell this name in countless trendy ways, such as ‘Jasmin,’ ‘Jasmyn,’ and ‘Jazzmine.’

  • Olivia

You must recall the popular Disney film, ‘The Great Mouse Detective,’ where a young Scottish mouse is named after Olivia Flaversham. It has regained its popularity, and now it is on the top 10 list even today! 

Due to its classic, soft, powerful, and trendy trait, Shakespeare loves this moniker! So, if you are expecting a baby girl, choosing the name ‘Olivia’ will be the cause of everyone’s commendation. What’s more? The name has the profound meaning of ‘purity,’ ‘peace,’ and ‘olive.’

  • Ursula

Are you a fan of the movie ‘A little Mermaid?’ Then, you must be well-acquainted with the character ‘Ursula,’ who was the leading antagonist of the movie. 

Parents previously overlooked the name because of its villainous characteristic, but now it is gradually ranking higher on the popularity list. So, this famous ‘sea witch’ contains a sweet meaning, ‘little bear.’ 

It is absolutely recommendable for the parents who have been searching for top-notch Disney princess names for girls!

  • Charlotte 

This cute name has been incorporated into this top 10 list because of Tiana’s endearing friend in ‘The Princess and the Frog.’ 

The worldly and impeccable name possesses diverse noteworthy namesakes like Queen Charlotte Sophia, the eminent wife of King George III, and Charlotte Bronte. However, this supporting character in Disney’s 2009 animated feature movie, ‘Charlotte’ is a vibrant southern belle. 

Concluding words

All of these baby names are highly adorable and fascinating due to those prominent Disney characters. So, are you still thinking about naming your kiddo after a famous namesakeIf yes, one of the names from the list will surely maximize your desire to pick out one based on your preference. Trust us; your baby girl will thank you later! 

Who knows, maybe your kiddo will relish watching their name-inspired characters after they have grown up. Lastly, it would be better to doll up her in cute princess outfits! 

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