11 Must-Have Apps for Work Remotely in 2020


With the COVID 19 pandemic, corporates and businesses have adopted remote work as the new normal. This newly adapted work setting has become the need of the hour to comply with the norms of social distancing and work from home (WFH). Firms worldwide have harnessed digital integration to boost productivity in hard times and automate the workflow through the help of professional services solutions. Remote work entails a unique set of challenges which means you will need to have a unique set of tools, applications, and software to tackle them. Here, you can find the details about 11 must-have Apps for Work Remotely in 2020.

A multitude of cloud-based apps is available on the internet to streamline workflow, perform tasks hassle-free, and keep the company culture alive. In 2020, PowerPoint presentations have gained the forefront to hold the fort of remote work. Owing to their graphic appeal, slide decks designed with professional templates are the best companion for webinars or client meetings. Create awe-inspiring business proposal slides with Slides Carnival PowerPoint template, conduct a SWOT/PESTEL analysis, and impress clients beyond measure.

Here are the 11 best apps and tools to significantly improve your remote work:

Project Management Applications


Build projects, set strategic goals, and assign tasks with this incredible project management tool. Available on Windows, iOS, and Android, Asana is a Software as a Service (SaaS) with which you can visualize your work with task dashboards, lists, calendars, and timelines.

Build attractive Gantt charts in minutes, submit and manage client forms, monitor employee progress, and improve cross-team collaboration. Set milestones, attach files from your computer and file-sharing software, and stay updated with real-time project data. Create teams, collaborate with vendors, and fully utilize its third-party integrations.


Efficient remote work is dependent upon how well you cater to your tasks with maximum productivity. Organize work, communicate with your team and client with this all-inclusive software. Basecamp is the ultimate project management+internal communication tool for WFH teams worldwide available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Post announcements, make to-do lists, set deadlines, schedule dates, and share all your documents, files, and spreadsheets in a single place. Have real-time group chats, tailor projects at hand, and keep them on track with Basecamp. With 500GB storage, work with clients, form project templates, and handle unlimited projects.

Presentation Design Applications


Canva is a marvelous application that lets you design not only presentations but logos, posters, business cards, flyers, and infographics as well. Marketing, Brainstorm, Brand Guidelines, Start-up, Visual Charts, portfolios are just the tip of the template iceberg on Canva.

Incorporate videos and design presentations with your favorite media like YouTube, Google Drive, DropBox, Giphy, Typeform, and HubSpot. Supercharge your workflow with its integration with Slack, Microsoft PowerPoint, Mailchimp, OneDrive, etc. with real-time collaboration, design beautiful presentations from anywhere with Canva.


Complement your webinars, business proposals, pitch decks, product launches, and sales reviews with gripping PowerPoint presentations with SlideModel. It hosts 100% editable professionally designed templates corresponding to every business niche. Employ its one-of-a-kind Marketing, Business, Strategy, Finance, Growth, Pie-chart, Timeline templates to craft stellar slides. You can also leverage Maps templates. These templates cater to a number of MNC meeting use cases. Showcase city-wise, state-wise, and even country-wise growth with advanced vector graphics.

With round-the-clock customer support, find a template that suits your topic, edit any feature you like and save your time with its corporate-ready templates. Infuse your deck with a pictorial zeal with its templates consisting of vibrant maps, diagrams, graphics, and charts for effective data visuals. SlideModel can help you craft presentations like never before. Leverage pixel-perfect designs and impress your C-level audience like never before.

File Sharing and Collaboration Applications


Remote work calls for the adoption of tools that can transfer, share, and store your files securely. ‘Box’ is a cloud content management application that allows you to save and share files in one place. Readily connect it with tools like Office 365, Zoom, Google Apps, or Slack. While working in a remote environment, the biggest challenge is to collect, manage, and share files. Companies need to make this functionality secure since it’s critical for their business.

Box lets you share, access critical files and resources just right. Conduct seamless collaboration with customers, partners, and vendors, simplified workflow with teammates, and control file security to protect sensitive data. Android, Windows, or iOS, quickly access, organize, edit, review, and find content with Box software. With end-to-end protection, Box is one of the best file-sharing tools.


Share information and ideas with your team, communicate about different tasks, or collaborate on a project in remote work with Miro. It is ideal for cross-functional teamwork, centralized communication, and brainstorming thoughts through an infinite canvas.

With its whiteboard style technique, pre-built templates, mouse-over collaboration, and easy screen-sharing revolutionize your digital workspace with Miro. Attainable on Android play store, iOS, and Windows Miro supports files from Slack, GSuite, Dropbox, Jira, Teams, and much more.

Time Tracking Applications


When working from home, it is easy to get distracted by the home environment with our families and mobiles around us. Hubstaff is a time-tracking and productivity monitoring tool available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Apple store, and Android. Run your business like clockwork with Hubstaff.

Generate accurate timesheets to invoice clients, track your team progress, record employee hours, and view online reports. Keep your projects moving with work unfold in real-time with optional screenshots, app, and URL tracking. With GPS tracking, your employees can clock out from anywhere.


Toggl is another time tracking application that makes tracking time seem like a piece of cake! With a one-click timer, background tracking, calendar integration, and auto-tracking get the best features of this app to work with concentration. Integrated with Asana, Todoist, Trello, G Suite, and more keep your employees focused on Toggl.

Get detailed weekly reports, client-ready visuals, schedule reports to email, and create project dashboards easily. Assign billable rates, project alerts, profit, and labor costs, and conduct timely audits with Toggl. When it comes to making sure teams are up to mark in remote working environments, Toggl can be a game-changer tool for managers.

Communication Applications

Microsoft Teams

When it comes to choosing an online communication platform, nothing can beat Microsoft Teams. Place high-quality audio-video calls, schedule meetings, turn on language translations, and share files with ease in Teams. The transition from chat to call, make calendar invites, use background effects with this application. You can schedule easy calendar invites and invite both people who use Microsoft teams and outsiders.

You can find it on all platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS. Set up availability status, stay in the loop with its activity feed, create group chats and co-author shared files in real-time. Formulate engaging PowerPoint presentations for your meetings, webinars and deliver them with poise in screen-sharing features. Easy record your meetings and download the recordings for future reference.


In remote work, communicating with your team from your home becomes all the more laborious with the lack of face-to-face interaction. With Join.me it has become easy to place virtual calls to your colleagues and stakeholders and stay in touch with them. One-click screen sharing, superior audio-video quality, and personalized URL for meetings make Join.me a great alternative to Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype.

Join.me is available in major languages such as English, French, Spanish, and more. Hence, you can connect with remote teams sitting two time zones away without any fuss. Individuals and institutions both can leverage Join.me and boost their meeting, conference, boot camps, and much more. Company executives, managers, and solutions architects can collaborate better with their remote teams and excel in the project manifolds.

Google Meet:

When it comes to seamless collaboration amid teams, Google Meet is a preferred choice among many working professionals. The platform is a pure SaaS offering. Meaning, you don’t have to download anything for connecting with your team members. A user can simply start a meeting on the go and share the link with peers. You just need an active Google account to access this amazing tool.

Moreover, the premium features of Google Meet allows the host to record the session, mute/unmute the participants, and orchestrate a comprehensive meeting. Plus, Google Meet is platform-independent. It doesn’t matter if you’re connecting with Android, iOS, Linux or any other operating system. People from all backgrounds can come aboard and connect for a seamless meeting experience without any charge.

These ten software are some of the best WFH tools out there to get your work done conveniently. These applications will assist your team to improve their workflow and capabilities. The right tools help in speeding up the amount of time it takes to communicate different thoughts, ideas, and tasks to your employees and clients. Track time, communicate, and collaborate with your team and manage your projects trouble-free in remote work with these applications.

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