11 Things to Look for When Shopping for a VPN 


Whether you are looking for something that can keep your communication secure and private or want a solution to your Netflix weekends, P2P file-sharing, or your random online shopping trips, a VPN can be a great source of help in this regard.

Selecting a VPN should not be a hectitc task if you already know the basics of this technology. But things can be tricky at times if you have no clue what to do or where to start. The features and offers might be a cause of confusion for you, and you may be clueless about the specifications, This guide will help you in finding a good VPN by showing you what 11 things you should look for when buying a VPN;


Suppose a VPN operates from a country with questionable data laws or an unsafe jurisdiction, then it can monitor your online movements. It is essential to know the base location of a VPN. If not, then your privacy can be at stake.

Distribution of Servers

A trustworthy VPN like IvacyVPN that has servers worldwide enables you to connect with any region of your choice while sitting at home. Moreover, a VPN server can be used, especially when traveling and wish to catch up with your favorite TV show episode. Therefore, choose a VPN with an expansive network and cover at least significant regions across different continents.

Log Policy

Some providers can access your browsing data or session even when the government has not asked them to do so. This is most common when using free VPNs. They usually record your data and sell it to third parties and make money. Make sure you study the privacy policy of the VPN service that attracts you.

Security Features

When looking for VPN security features, make sure you look at two essential things; a. employed encryption standards and b—available tunneling protocols. If you get features like ad and malware blockers like ByteFence, diskless servers or multi-hopping are a plus.


This one is obvious. Choose a VPN that has fast speeds. You don’t want to wait for streaming and buffering while looking at a screen. VPN is only good if you have a good internet connection. Slow internet will make your VPN slow.

Device Compatibility

Today VPN companies make clients for many devices. Some use traditional platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS; others are more advanced and offer Linux routers, Mac, and TV boxes. Ensure that the VPN you are opting for is compatible with the device you use.

Number of Servers 

More servers often save you from congestion on busy days. Therefore, select a VPN that both a large number of servers and also an expansive network.

Customer Support

This is one of the critical factors. You have no idea when you can have connectivity issues or anything. For such cases, make sure you have a VPN with a live chat option; this leads to responsive customer service.

P2P Functionality

Not all VPNs have P2P functionality. Some VPN providers restrict you with bandwidth issues, while some have P2P functionality in selected regions only. So if you plan to exchange large files on the internet secretly, choose a VPN with P2P support.


This is the primary factor for most of us. Look for a VPN that offers you the best value and is worth the money. It is better to choose a long-term plan to get a better savings opportunity.

Trial Period

Choose a VPN that offers a trial period. In this way, you can test if VPN is worth the purchase. Initially, subscribe to a VPN service, and if it is not what you are looking for, you can have a refund later (in case of paid trial). In this way, you will have time to check what that particular VPN offers, its features, specs, etc. it is advisable to have paid trial instead of a free one.

VPNs are available in all sizes and shapes, so selecting the right one can be a task. The tips discussed above can help you in choosing the best option as per your need. So give it a look!

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