15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success


Currently, with the increasingly fierce competitiveness on the labor market and in the corporate world, have a high school diploma and a good professional performance are no longer guaranteed to get (and keep) that space of dreams. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.

15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success

We must, first of all, show the world their qualities and potential. All this without, however, seem self-centered, arrogant or boastful. Sounds hard? Because it’s not that complicated!

We are talking here about building good personal marketing. Want to learn what it is and still stay within great tips to turn theory into practice? Then follow our post today!

What is self-marketing?

Whoever heard that old saying that “those who do not is seen is not remembered”? Because that is exactly one of the main foundations of personal marketing! After all, what’s the point of being an excellent professional with skills and qualities extremely valued by the corporate world, if absolutely nobody knows about it?

To be effectively recognized before chiefs, managers and other employees in your area of expertise, you cannot pass unnoticed. So, when well applied, personal marketing strategies can work wonders for you in this regard. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.

Personal marketing is the best way to promote image, content, and work, so as to stand out not only in the company acts as in the labor market in General. However, attention: marketing staff is not at all synonymous with the cult of the ego or simple vanity, ok?

Actually, it’s just a way to positively highlight their skills, delivering value to people and causing them to have an impression to your respect.

It’s quite wrong who think that make good marketing people is a quality that is born with certain people. Quite the contrary! This skill can be learned, developed and improved. To do this, simply want to. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.

And then? Want to find out 15 personal marketing tips extremely useful and easy to put into practice? Then jump to the next topic!

How to put the marketing guys in practice?

1. Act naturally

The first and most valuable tip is to be yourself and act naturally, regardless of the situation. Try not to create a character that has nothing to do with you. So, if you are a cheerful and outgoing person, it’s all right to be so also in the Office.

However, it is worth making a caveat: this does not mean adopting slang to formal conversations or laugh lock to break into the desktop for that is the way you interact with your family and friends, for example.

For most flow better acting naturally, remember that everything has a limit and that each environment requires a particular posture.

2. Be punctual

If you want to make good personal marketing, no follow the (bad) example of professionals who are almost always late or right on time for appointments and deadlines.

Did you know that there are companies that they disqualify candidates before even interviewing them, precisely because they arrived late to the interview?

Then learn to better manage your time and, preferably, get used to getting always with 15 minutes in advance to any compromise. This watch automatically passes a picture of a person engaged and interested.

3. Use a firm handshake

This is a detail that makes all differences. We, Brazilians, we are already accustomed to getting closer with hugs and kisses on the cheek. Still, in a professional situation, compliance is not very suitable.

Instead, prefer shaking hands with firmness. That attitude demonstrates, at the same time, seriousness and self-confidence.

4. Look in people’s eyes

Eye contact is a way of showing, non-verbal, transparency, and honesty. It is therefore important that you keep eye contact even when you’re talking about a difficult subject.

In addition, it is also physical proof that you’re interested in what the other person has to say. Then, when you’re talking, avoid looking at the hands, to the ground or to what is around.

5. Stay tuned to your body posture

This is no myth: the body posture conveys messages about you to everyone around him. A person who sits in the Chair pie way, for example, does not require a great deal of respect. Someone who’s always curved or doing nothing seems isolated, unwilling to fit in. Hands in pockets are a sign of lack of interest or boredom.

Instead, try to keep the spine erect, always look forward and leave the loose arms by your sides. Essentially, your attitude must convey an image of attention, interest, self-control, and opening.

There is a simple way to know if it’s working: Note If people try to get close to spontaneously you because a good body posture attracts people to your back.

6. Adapt the clothing

There’s no denying: a person properly dressed a lot of confidence and a good personal image. So, take this into consideration when choosing the clothing for professional occasions.

The tip here is to dress according to the position he aspires to achieve. If you want to be a Manager one day, for example, notice how this position at who occupies your company dresses and try to get close to the style, but without giving up your own touch — after all, are the characteristics that distinguish it from others.

In addition to the clothes, this tip is also valid for the haircut, to the accessories and makeup of the women. All your visual is a business card. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.

7. Take initiative

Invest in personal marketing means, among other things, stand out in the crowd. Nothing better in this regard than demonstrate initiative. So, don’t expect the other say what should be done. Take the front and go back, preferably seeking solutions to problems that even occurred. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.

Propose alternatives that facilitate work and expose your ideas to show someone indispensable. Demonstrate that you have an innovative side. If your idea is not well received early on, all right.

Understand that the simple fact of participating, you’re leaving a permanent mark, and collaborating with the group. It’s a lot better than being that person that sits in the corner, without participating in or manifest. Gradually you will build more acceptance and conquer the space!

8. Look for known

So you can better understand each other, it is necessary, first of all, you get to know yourself. So, stop for a minute and think so much in their strengths as weaknesses. Do a SWOT analysis staff. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.

Know exactly what you have to offer and effectively offer. At the same time, learn about the aspects that should be improved and how to manage them. However, don’t take this advice as a recommendation to accommodate in relation to their weaknesses. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.

It is important to recognize its limitations exactly in order to try to overcome them. In other words, instead of feeding thoughts such as “I don’t understand this, so I’m going to sit this one out”, seek a mental state of “if I don’t get this, so I’m going to learn everything I can.”

9. Learn to hear

One of the biggest problems of the current corporate world and society as a whole is in our extreme difficulty in learning to hear what others have to say. Have you noticed how, normally, we are only interested in talking about ourselves, our opinions and ideas? This ends now. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.

Revert once this picture, learning to hear. Co-workers, bosses, and interns: everyone has something to teach. Besides, show a good listener makes people have appreciation and admiration for you. So enjoy the chance to learn while promoting your personal marketing!

10. Update your knowledge

In the era of knowledge, tons of new information, techniques, theories and methodologies on absolutely all areas of knowledge are thrown on the market daily. Therefore, accommodate is not a solution.

Is always at the forefront of knowledge in your area of expertise, attending conferences, lectures, and workshops, reading recent publications or enrolled in a graduate course, MBA or advanced degree.

In addition to increasing your knowledge, making you an essential contributor to the company, these attitudes significantly extend your professional networking, making your personal marketing goes beyond the boundaries of the workplace.

11. Follow the news

Our last tip won’t even require you a lot. In fact, follow the news is something that is already part of people’s routine. However, it is even more important if you want to improve your personal marketing and make a good impression.

After all, you don’t want to become unresponsive when, in an event or an interview, someone asks your opinion about an event of politics, the economy or the environment, right?

So, try to follow the major news daily. You can read or watch papers. If that seems impossible on your schedule of appointments, no problem. Many of the best media in the world also disseminate their content online. In other words, just a touch on your smartphone to keep up to date with everything that happens out there.

What not to do?

In closing, I just discover some attitudes that you should avoid, in favor of good marketing staff? We have prepared a short list. Check out

12. Avoid demonstrate arrogance

There are many attitudes which demonstrate arrogance. One of the keys is the focus on himself. If all you talk begins with “I” — “I think”, “I do”, “I’d rather” — beware.

You’re probably passing an image too self-centered, which won’t help you win any sympathy (and any professional opportunity). A simple solution is to turn these lines in genuine interest. We talked about the importance of listening, right?

In addition, you will also ask: “what do you think of this?”, “How do you do it?”, “do you prefer or roast?” To put the focus on the other, you improve your image and, on the table, I still learn a lot

13. Avoid making jokes of all

Many people having trouble interacting socially use humor to break the ice. You’d be surprised to know how many “funny” are, in fact, extremely shy.

The problem is that you run the risk of making fun of something that should not be the subject of humor and may even offend someone. Even if the intention is not that, bad impressions are difficult to reverse. So, to preserve your personal marketing, a good rule of thumb is to try not to use your side comedian with people who do not know very well. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.

14. Avoid strong opinions

When you are exposing your professional image, it’s not interesting to associate it with strong opinions. You can lose great opportunities simply because if positioned in a way that goes against what the other person believes.

Want to know which themes should go out of your vocabulary? All those who can generate a stronger strain. Differing opinions are natural — however, when beliefs and values are involved, any disagreement turns into an argument.

Use your common sense and divert these situations, leaving their strong opinions out of the conversation. There are moments and people more suited to share them.

15. Avoid trying to demonstrate all your elegance

In positive tips, I’ve explained the issue of clothing and style. We hope that you have already understood the importance of dressing well. Unlike the fairytales teach, the exterior also features in the professional world. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.

However, be careful. The line is very thin between the appropriate and overdone. On the one hand, it’s not cool to go to Bermuda and slippers to an interview. On the other, that gold Rolex watch or your 12 cm stiletto shoe can also not be ideal.

The trick is simple: remember that you are in a work situation and not in a parade — much less competition — sets. It is clear that there is no single rule. If you are in a multimillion-dollar multinational, it may be that this clothing makes sense.

The trick is to pay attention not to exceed the limits, or for more or less.

See how it’s not so complicated? Put our personal marketing tips into practice as soon as possible to observe a twist in your professional success! If you want other ideas and recommendations for leveraging your career, Subscribe to our newsletter and keep track of all contents of the Foundation Dom Cabral. 15 Tips for marketing staff to have professional success.


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