2nd Generation Samsung Galaxy A5 & A7 Got prepone For This Month- Will Have 4000mah Battery


In the year 2016 Samsung was planning to release their 2nd Generation Galaxy A5 and A7, but they have prepone the release. This got confirmed through a Chinese portal today. Few days earlier we saw the A5 2nd Generation leak document and now we have 2nd Generation A7 leak.

According to the source, the Galaxy A7 will have 4000 mAh battery. Check the image below that confirms.

Galaxy A7

One of the Samsung insider informed us today that the prepone of the event happen to dominate brands like OPPO and vivo high battery powered smartphones. This 2nd Generation smartphone will also have a fingerprint sensor to unlock the device.

The 2nd Generation smartphone will release in Christmas time as a christmas gift.

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