3 Things You Can’t Do without When Working from Home


Within the past few years there has been a greater number of professionals choosing to work from home. Much of the reason for the sudden interest in foregoing the workplace began with Covid-19, but it was so successful that many corporations now give key employees the option to work from home all, or part of the time. If you are among those who are now being given the choice to work from home, you should know that there are a few things you can’t do without before making your final decision.

1. A Computer – Laptop or Desktop

Some workers find that using a laptop is preferable if they spend part of their week working from the company office. They find that by using their laptop at home, they can access files that they may not have uploaded to the network. Others prefer the speed and reliability of a desktop even if working from the company site one or two days a week. It’s nice to be given the choice, but you may not be ready to make a full-time commitment of it. Maybe you just want to ‘try it on for size’ to see if it works for you.

2. Reliable High-Speed Internet

Let’s take for example someone who lives and works from the Peoria area of Arizona. They can subscribe to a Coldwater Retreat internet provider that has fiber to home connectivity at high speeds. This is often critical when large files are being transmitted back and forth from the company’s network. Slower and less reliable connectivity would be a literal waste of valuable time. Besides speed, uptime is imperative. In other words, when working from a home office, two of the things you will absolutely need are speed and reliability in connectivity.

3. A Dedicated Home Office

There is almost nothing worse than trying to find a quiet place to work. One of the benefits of working from home means that there will be days when you can set your own hours. If you have kids or dogs running around the house screaming or barking (that would be the dogs), there’s no getting anything done. You must find a quiet place where you can work undisturbed. Sometimes a spare bedroom works well and other times you can set up that garden building to serve as your home office. As long as you can work relatively free from distractions, you will do fine.

You will probably also need a printer and various pieces of office equipment like a paper shredder or scanner if your printer isn’t multifunction. However, those may not be as important in the immediate future as long as you have a quiet place to connect to the internet with reliable high speeds. If this goes well for you, it may be your way forward into the foreseeable future. After all, consider the money you save on gas for the car and clothes fitting for an office job at your place of employment. Unless you do any videoconferencing, no one will know if you are working in your pajamas with your hair not yet brushed. Isn’t technology great?

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