3 Ways You Can Earn Money Playing Video Games


3 Ways You Can Earn Money Playing Video Games

It’s always a smart move to know how of many ways to earn money. Even if you have a stable job that pays well, earning a little extra money on the side won’t hurt. Due to how technology has evolved, playing video games can now be a means of earning cash.

Earning money by playing video games can involve a bit of hard work. However, if it’s something you really love doing then it won’t feel like a job at all. It is a possible career path if you wish to pursue it.

In fact, the rise of esports and professional gamers who earn a ton of money by winning tournaments can confirm this. If you choose that career, you would need to be insanely good at your game and being a good teammate who can work and cooperate in a team. Apart from that, there are other ways you can earn cash. Read on below to find out more:

Before Anything Else: Build Online Presence

To be able to earn money from playing video games, you must at least have an audience. If you don’t have that yet and don’t know where to begin, start by enticing your friends to play with you online. The idea is to build an online presence so that when you stream the video games you’re playing, you’ll have an audience. More audience means better engagement.

It can be rough to start when you have zero followers but persistence can slowly get you there. Be consistent with your streams and put up a page or a platform where your friends and potential followers will be able to find you. The key is to be consistent with streaming online. Put up a schedule somewhere so your fans will know what day and time to expect you. Basically, the more your online presence grows, the more you can reach out to others.

According to GamingScan, Most video game streamers are using the PC, but there are others that use consoles too. Either is fine, but using a gaming computer can give you more edge. A gaming rig is powerful to be able to handle various tasks related to gaming and streaming such as video editing and more. When you concentrate on one platform, you can fully utilize your limited funds to getting midrange to high-end machines that are better in performance and longevity in the long run.

Be A Streamer

Apart from being a professional player, you can also earn money playing video games by being a streamer. Big streaming platforms like Twitch are set up to accommodate this kind of arrangement. Streamers who’ve amassed a large following become a partner at these websites where views can be converted to monies.

While not everyone can have a large following overnight, some streamers can ask for donations from fans. Donations can range from $1 to thousands of dollars. To make this easier for followers, streamers usually add a donation button to their channel with multiple payment setups.

Be A Video Game Reviewer

If you’re not really into playing for an audience or showing your in-game skills online, becoming a video game reviewer is another venture you could be interested in. The great thing about being a video game reviewer is that you can pursue many games at once. You can do your reviews in written or video format or whichever you’re comfortable with.

The downside to this is that it may take some time to build an audience and build your reputation as a game reviewer. Additionally, earning money may not be as simple or as lucrative, but you can get affiliate codes for games you review. Advertising could also be a source of income for you.

Be A Game Tester

Lots of games hire third-party testers to well, test out the upcoming game for bugs and glitches. This may sound like a dream job for avid gamers but it comes with a lot of responsibilities and you won’t actually “play” like you would in normal video games. Additionally, most gaming companies let testers sign non-disclosure agreements to protect their product. Make sure to do your research on this career before you pursue it.

Explore Other Ways

What has been written here are not the only ways you can get into the business of video games. If it helps you narrow down your preferences, stick with genres you best like playing with. You can definitely go pro if it’s your heart’s desire but you can go through an entrepreneur route if you wish as well. The possibilities are out there.

What other ways can you earn money while playing video games? Share it down below.

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