4 Ways to make Money with Bitcoins

4 Ways to make money with Bitcoins
4 Ways to make money with Bitcoins

The entire concept of Bitcoin is quite alluring in itself, and whether we can make money from it? Is a question that strikes everyone who looks for it at some point in time. Well, yes, you certainly can make money by dealing in Bitcoin, and investing in Bitcoin is not the only way to achieve it. We’ll try to explore the different ways in which you can add to your bank balance through Bitcoin.

Methods following which one can make money through Bitcoin:

Buying Bitcoin:

well, this is the simplest possible method, and you know about it. But let me beware you, this is a relatively riskier method as cryptocurrencies are subject to plenty of fluctuations in terms of pricing. So you must be willing to take the risk.

There are two popular categories of people who buy Bitcoin. One who buys a certain quantity of coins and leaves them as it is for a long period, with the hope that their market value will increase someday, and then they will book their profit. Initially, you can 1K Daily Profit initially and it can shoot up many times as you increase your knowledge and understanding.

Then there is a second class of investors who park their funds in Bitcoin for relatively short durations. They look to cultivate upon the short term fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin. Such people research extensively before making a move. They analyze the data, and trends available from the past, and carefully follow the market predictions before buying them.

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Getting paid for your services in Bitcoin: 

Exactly the way you charge people in dollars or rupees or pounds for the services you render to them. Toucan also asks them to pay in Bitcoin. For that, you need to have your cryptocurrency wallet of your own in which you can receive payments. The advantage is that the value of Bitcoin might increase after a point of time, giving you short term gains.


Don’t freak out, you can mine your Bitcoin. There are two ways to do that, the first is personal mining, which Ii will not suggest to you. As mining Bitcoin is a very tacky process you might end up investing money in vain.

The second one is cloud mining, which is worthwhile trying. All you need to do is to make a one time fee and you will continue to receive your earnings at the end of every month.

Investing in Bitcoin:

With investing we do not mean buying and selling Bitcoin for margin. Investing as in investing your money in the startups coming up in the field of Bitcoin that you feel can flourish in the coming future. You can even invest your money in the company that deals with Bitcoin. You will need to do a meticulous background check of the company before making any investments. Such investment has the potential of paying you above-average returns in the future as the Bitcoin market is expected to remain hot for ages.

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There are quite several ways in which you can fill your pockets dealing in Bitcoin. While trading still being the most popular in the lot, others are also worth giving a shot.

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