4 Things To Avoid when choosing your Virtual Business address


If you are trying to use a virtual office to improve our business efficiency, boost daily productivity levels, and become more reputable in the industry, then you need to avoid a few common rookie mistakes that new entrepreneurs have when switching to a remote office. If you have previously only worked out of remote offices, from your mother’s basement, and you have no credit whatsoever in your industry, then you might be wondering how you can become a mainstay in your specific business sector.

Virtual Business Address

However, one of the best ways that you can boost your reputation is by using a professional phone number, business address, and appearing professional across the board – after all, appearance is a big factor when it comes to people choosing businesses.

Think about it – if you are using search engines to try and find a professional writer to help you with your resume or ghostwrite a book, will you choose a writer that has plenty of published articles and has their own social media page, or will you choose a twitter that has no history of their successes? Chances are you will choose the former. Having some type of professional appearance is key to succeeding in any industry – let’s see a few things that you should keep in mind when you’re creating your virtual business, such as how to choose the ideal virtual business address for your company. Contact Opus virtual office and let them help you with that.

4 mistakes to avoid when choosing your virtual business address for your new entrepreneurial endeavor

Personal residence address

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when choosing a virtual business address for your entrepreneurial endeavor is selecting a personal residence. If you find that you chose a business address – but it immediately brings everyone on Google Maps to a run-down house – then they will turn away from your business. Make sure you choose a virtual business address that brings you to a commercial building, corporate center, high-rise office building, or remote office building. This way, when people search the address, it will reflect your business and it will make sense with your industry.

Bad neighborhood

The next mistake to avoid when choosing your virtual business address for your entrepreneurial company is to choose a location in a bad neighborhood. Even if it happens to be a commercial center or office building, if you find the address you chose is located in a bad part of the town – such as high crime rates or bad reputation with the locals – then you may find that your business suffers. 

Another business

Another mistake to avoid when you are choosing a virtual business address for your company is to choose the location of another business. If you choose an address -but already belong to another remote company or a physical business – this can confuse users and cause them to not choose your business for their services!

In the middle of nowhere

The last mistake that you should avoid when choosing a virtual business address for your company is that you choose a place in the middle of nowhere – if you choose an address that doesn’t really exist, this can confuse your potential customers and cause them to choose another business instead.


If you’re trying to make your new endeavor work out in the business world, then you need to make sure you check all of the boxes – one of the biggest things to consider when choosing your virtual business address is to avoid choosing another business, an unsafe location, or an address in the middle of nowhere! 

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