4 Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads


If an app launches in the app stores and no one is around to download it, does it make a splash? 

Consider this the modern equivalent of that old philosophical question. When you put your energy, creativity, and time into an app, you want to make sure that it’s “heard.” You want all of your hard work – from wireframing to designing, development, and testing – to pay off with happy customers and healthy ROIs. 

With roughly 3.5 million apps on the market currently, standing out can appear to be a daunting task. But it isn’t as hard as the figures make it sound. With the right developers in your corner, a concerted marketing effort, a universal approach, and an iterative attitude, you can increase your mobile downloads. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Start by Partnering with the Right App Experts

Unsurprisingly, the saleability of a mobile app has much to do with how it was developed. Was your app developed with the user in mind? Does it utilize innovative and emerging technologies? Did the developers place emphasis on the UX process? 

If you haven’t started creating your app yet, then you have an opportunity to get a jump on increasing mobile app downloads by partnering with the right developers. Find experts, like the custom mobile app developers at TheAppLabb, who will collaborate with you to increase customer engagement. Your developers shouldn’t play a passive role in the app creation; they should be present and eager throughout brainstorming, research and strategy sessions. 

Market Your App with Demos, Media, Press Releases, and Web Presence

When your app launches, kick into marketing mode. Use your media contacts to spread the word about your app, and knock on some virtual doors to get your app in the hands of reviewers, influencers, and bloggers. Meanwhile, create media that highlights the value of your new app, and share it through your website or social media channels. These could be demo videos, SEO-optimized blog posts, or press releases. 

Speak the Language

Is your app solely in English? Consider adding other language options to appeal to international markets. Determine your target markets and research languages that can help you access more downloaders. Then, hire professional translators to ensure none of the uniqueness and verve of your original copy is lost in translation. Some (non-English speaking) countries with the highest smartphone penetration include France, China, South Korea, and Germany, so focusing on those languages can be a good place to start. 

Leverage Analytics to Tweak the Formula

Analytics are an essential tool as you attempt to boost downloads. Gather all the insights you can about what your users respond to – and what they dislike. You can leverage this data to tweak your app, closely aligning it with customer preferences and expectations. Further, embedded analytics can help you retain existing customers. 

The road toward a massively popular app is paved with hard work, collaboration, and flexibility. To stand out among the millions of new apps each year, try these four tips for increasing mobile app downloads. 

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