4 Top Free Photo Collage Maker That You Should Try

4 Top Free Photo Collage Maker That You Should Try
4 Top Free Photo Collage Maker That You Should Try

With today’s social media apps, people love to take a lot of photos and post them in their accounts. They also like to compile many images into one album and showcase it to many users. Some people find it annoying to upload multiple pictures, but thanks to technology, you can now use photo collage-making apps to upload photo collages that tell many stories. Here, you can find the details about 4 top free photo collage maker that you should try.

Because of a photo collage, you can now combine numbers of photos into one beautiful art. These apps are also perfect for beginners because some collage-making apps are user-friendly and easy to use. These apps can also make you look like a professional in photo-editing. So here’s a list of some of those free collage maker apps that you should check out.


There are apps for photo collage-making that make it complicated to edit your pictures. On the other note, there are also apps that you can use quickly and don’t complicate your life when you edit your photos.

Ribbet is in between that spectrum. It is a simple app that allows you to create beautiful collages, and it also has a photo-editing feature that you can use to tweak tiny details in the image. It also allows you to organize your creation and photos into albums and enables you to save your history of editing.

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PhotoCollage – Collageable

A photo collage allows people to compile a lot of their pictures into one work of art. Commonly, those collages tell some stories, and PhotoCollage -Collageable can help you achieve your goal in a most accessible way.

Similar to other apps for collage making, this app has different editing options, filters, and layouts that you might want to experiment with. However, it is among those few apps that enable you to make a collage up to 25 pictures. Having the feature to add quite a few numbers of images and showcase it a gorgeous way it not easy to do, and this app can help you with that.


When you think about collages, you might imagine a composition with a few photos on it. But with the help of today’s advanced technology, a collage is not restricted to images anymore.

PicPlayPost is a collage maker app that people use to make layouts for their ideas of creative collage. However, it can also manage to make a video collage. Aside from making an image collage, users can also create a video collage by using the same app. One of the best features is that users can also match and mix and personalize video and photo collage.

Pic Jointer

Pic Jointer is among the popular collage maker apps that are available in the app market today. It offers the users every tool that they need to make the layout for the images they choose quickly. What makes this app unique and exceptional compared to other collage makers is that it allows you to edit even the tiniest details in the picture. It is also one of those few apps that will enable you to mirror images.

Final Thoughts

A photo collage can be a useful means to tell someone a story by putting together a lot of pictures into one work of art. It can be complicated for beginners, but they will get the hang of it by using the apps frequently. Lucky for you, some photo collage apps are pretty simple to use. Most of them are also free, and you can easily download them to your iOS and Android devices.

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