5 Key Advantages Of Roofing Contractor Software 


Roofing companies operate in an environment that’s getting ever more competitive. Hence, it’s just not possible for roofing contractors to carry on with business as usual. What could have been a successful business strategy a decade earlier will simply not be enough to keep you going as the second decade of the twenty-first century gets going.  

The market is changing, and consumer behavior is evolving. To remain a competitive player in the marketplace, you need to make sure you are abreast of these changes and well informed of industry trends and insights.  

Why use roofing contractor software 

One smart solution that contractors turn to is the use of roofing software that enables a company to handle all the moving components necessary for any job to be completed successfully, including various focus areas, such as scheduling, client communication, and invoicing. 

Want to know the key advantages you can get from having such software? Here’s a quick list that can help you out: 

  • Improved communication 

Roofing software is a valuable tool that can help improve communication in and out of your company. As the software acts as the central information hub for your contracting business, team members can easily access information when needed. The convenient process of relaying information to clients and other team members makes the workflow more efficient. Thus, miscommunication can be prevented. 

By giving team members the proper resources to stay informed and connected, roofing software can help with communication or collaboration issues. No matter where they are, your salespeople, office personnel, and production teams may all stay up to date on what’s happening at each stage of a job. Your software can keep everyone connected, whether it’s a change in billing that office staff need to advise sales about or material changes regarding manufacturing or supplies. 

  • Faster quotations and invoicing 

With roofing contractor software from companies like Jobber, creating professional quotes and invoices are more seamless and faster. Consider the time it takes from when a client requests an estimate to when they actually receive it. The quicker you are able to do this, the more likely it is for you to win the job. 

 As a result, you get to save time, effort, and human resources, making it more achievable for you to scale your business. 

  • Customers stay in the loop 

Even if you’re too busy to answer the phone, your clients can keep tabs on what’s going on with their project. The software can integrate text messaging directly into your CRM and may automatically provide updates as work progresses. Text messages and emails are also customizable, allowing you to send updates tailored to every client.  

Using roofing software, customers can see which employees will be visiting their home, review the specifics of their appointment in the client center, and, if required, confirm or request a change. 

  • Efficient scheduling and routing 

The moment your roofing business starts to pick up, you’ll most likely be swamped with bookings and job schedules. At some point, you’ll find it challenging to create custom schedules and routes that leave no room for errors. Thankfully, you have your software to handle the tricky parts, including scheduling, routing, assigning different teams to multiple jobs, and even rescheduling when necessary. 

You can personalize your work calendar, so everyone in the team knows their schedules and assignments for the day or week. Based on their schedules, routes can be made automatically, eliminating guesswork for your whole team. You can also set up automated reminders to ensure every job is efficiently taken care of. 

  • Higher customer satisfaction 

When your quotes and invoices are up-to-date, schedules and jobs are completed on time, routes are accurate, and communication is clear, there’s only one result you can get from it all: higher customer satisfaction. Clients will start noticing how efficient your process is and will likely remain loyal to your roofing business. 

Of course, when customers are happy, sales go up, and everyone in the team flourishes. Always keep in mind that satisfied clients generate more positive reviews in the future, strengthening your relationship with your customers and clients. 

The bottom line 

Roofing contractors have, indeed, come a long way in terms of workflow, goals, and results. Time is ever-changing, and so is technology. If you want to ensure your business’ growth, you need to adapt and think of ways you can improve your operations. One excellent way to do so is by utilizing roofing contractor software.


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