5 Reasons to Create Video Content to Get Your Business Noticed


5 Reasons to Create Video Content to Get Your Business Noticed

As a small business owner, you know the importance of making as many people as possible aware of your products and services. There are many marketing tools available to you and more than likely you have already tried many of them. In recent years, many small business owners have discovered the benefits of creating video content and mp3 youtube to market their business. There are a number of reasons you should add this technique to your marketing mix. 

Search Engine Rankings

Adding quality videos to your website will increase your rankings with all the major search engines. Internet marketing studies have shown that including video on your company website will increase the chance you will appear on Google’s first page by 50 percent. 

When videos are present on your website, visits from potential customers will be for extended periods of time. The more time spent on your company website by customers will build trust and authority with search engines. Google now owns YouTube and a significant increase in the effect videos have on search engine rankings is the result of the acquisition. 

Return On Investment

Producing videos is not the simplest task and quality video sometimes cost a bit of money to create. However, 83 percent of business owners polled said they were satisfied with the return they realized on their video marketing efforts. Additionally, the tools you need to edit videos are getting better and more affordable with time. 

Another thing to remember is that customers consider the information provided in your videos to be more important than flawless production. The videos you create can also be produced in multiple formats. Click here to learn more about video production for your businesses website.

Mobile Users

Video content is perfect for users of mobile devices. The number of overall videos viewed on mobile devices rose by 233 percent since the third quarter of 2013. The audience for videos will continue to grow as more and more people become owners of smartphones and are able to enjoy videos while they are on the move. 

Research from Google tells us that viewers of videos on smartphones are twice as likely to feel personally connected to brands as people who watch similar videos on television. They are also one and half times more likely to feel this connection than desktop users. 

Email Click-Trough’s

Just mentioning videos in the subject line of an email increases the chance of the message being opened by 19 percent. The click-through rate is increased by 65 percent. There is an amazing click rate increase of 300 percent when videos are actually included in the email. 

It can be problematic to embed videos into the email. Instead, thumbnails of videos should be included in the body of the email. The recipient can then click on the thumbnail to watch the videos on a landing page or your company website. 

More Exposure On Social Feeds

Most social media sites use algorithms that use previous activity to determine what the user will see in the future. This can make it difficult for you as a small business owner to reach out to new customers. 

Posts that include videos are more likely to catch the eye of people scrolling their newsfeed or timeline. This interaction can help you gain traction for your content on social media sites. 

The Bottom Line

Small business owners are always on the lookout for ways to introduce more potential customers to their products and services. Creating content videos is becoming a larger part of the marketing efforts of many small businesses. The benefits listed above are more than reason enough for you to make use of this marketing technique. 

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