5 Software Solutions To Keep Ransomware Threats at Bay


There are enough regular ransomware horror stories in the press and online to convince even the most skeptical person that the threat to your business is real.

When your IT security is weak and compromised by hackers it could be very costly and hugely disruptive. That is one of the reasons why savvy business owners tend to put their trust in reliable managed services to keep ransomware threats at bay.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the software solutions you could turn to in order to help repel any attempted ransomware attack. When you consider that an estimated $20 billion has been extorted via ransomware it would be a wise move to take every possible step to protect your business.

SentinelOne can detect threats from IoT and other sources

What SentinelOne majors in is cross-platform security analytics. What this means is that its software is designed to search for threats coming from all angles.

Cloud computing is embedded in corporate culture, as is internet connectivity from various sources. It operates using real-time resolution, blocking and repelling malicious behaviors and blocking hacking attempts.

Cynet offers automated threat prevention

You want software that never sleeps in its attempt to keep ransomware threats at bay. Cynet promises to deliver constant protection with its automated threat detection and prevention features.

What you are getting with this software is a package that is designed to work on autopilot and provide end-to-end protection around the clock.

The software is also easy to use and the configuration process will allow you to have a good protection option up and running in a matter of hours.

CrowdStrike offers a next-generation solution

One of the best features of CrowdStrike software is that it is capable of detecting all manner of threats. Some attacks are more benign and others are incredibly sophisticated. This software uses AI and machine learning to even identify relatively unknown ransomware.

That level of threat intelligence could make all the difference.

NinjaOne is a popular solution for protecting endpoints

One of the reasons why this software option is so popular is because it offers good user visibility. You can get useful insights into the health of your system at any time with NinjaOne.

If you are looking for a one-stop software solution it is well worth considering what NinjaOne has to offer.

Carbon Black is a next-generation endpoint solution

This software is designed to monitor activity and events associated with potential ransomware attacks so that it can anticipate future attacks and eliminate them before they have the chance to penetrate and cause damage.

A nice feature of the software is that it uses fake files as a way of luring ransomware to show its hand. It uses behavioral analytics to provide you with a good level of protection from the threat of ransomware.

These software options highlighted are well worth considering. They can be used in conjunction with a robust IT setup that can manage your system and manage risks along with providing a great user experience.

Talk to your chosen IT services provider to ensure that you have all the right protection available to keep ransomware threats at bay. 

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