5 strategies to refine your eCommerce marketing campaign

5 strategies to refine your eCommerce marketing campaign
5 strategies to refine your eCommerce marketing campaign

There is no doubt that Instagram has established its name not just as a social media platform, but also as a great place for businesses and the corporate world to market, endorse and promote their product. But it is not only because Instagram has over a billion active users every month, but also because of the kind of response these users are generating. below in this article, we will cover the 5 strategies to refine your eCommerce marketing campaign.

Thus, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider Instagram marketing a prominent aspect of your business. Just being on Instagram without a well-crafted strategy will not take you anywhere. That’s why many trusted ecommerce development companies emphasise the importance of properly setting up your ecommerce store, which has a major impact on the general success of your shop. Especially when you are operating on an eCommerce model, there are a lot of things you need to do differently. Here’s my dig on it.

1. Use Instagram live

The crux of any sales is trust. For conversion, the buyer needs to trust the seller. For traditional businesses, it’s easier because of the personal touch face-to-face communication. But for eCommerce, it is different.

You have to adopt different measures to earn it. One of the most successful techniques to establish trust is going live from your Instagram profile. Live has a real-time essence which makes people believe that there is a human face behind the company and not just bots or fraudsters.

You can conduct live Q&As or an AskMeAnything session to build on the transparency of your eCommerce organization. See this as an opportunity to promote your products, educate your followers, discuss industry-norms and create brand awareness.

2. Collaborate with right influencers

You must have heard of influencer marketing and the unbelievable number it is carrying along with it. Here’s a quick glimpse: 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional marketing. Well, if you deal with a product which is for youngsters, you already know that the number is really BIG.

Influencer marketing enables you to collaborate with an influential person who will promote your product to his/her following. This will help you tap into the audience of the influencer and expand your own following.

However, it’s not that simple, to make the best use of this rising market, there are some things you must consider. Make a list of all the influencers you wish to target, research about their engagement rates, content quality, and follower-following ratio and then pick the best out of them.

3. Conduct contests and free giveaways

Everyone loves free gifts, don’t we? So why not leverage this free idea? The idea behind this is to increase your popularity and increase the attention of leads.

For instance, you can ask people to follow, like and comment on your post to enter the contest and become eligible for the prize in the contest. This way, you will increase your engagement rates by multiple times.

There are various kinds of contests that you can use to drive the audience to your profile. Make use of your own creativity and select the one that has the power to generate maximum engagement. But before you create such contests make sure you have enough followers on your profile to take part in. You can even consider buying initial 100 Instagram followers for yourself to give your profile a real and genuine look.

4. Post user-generated Content

The thing is, user-generated content carries a LOT more weight than what your actual posts do. They bring with themselves an element of trust, because they are unbiased and from the real world.

Afterall, there’s a reason why 84% of millennials say that UGC content on websites has some kind of influence on them. This is primarily because once people observe other people using the same product in real life and enjoy the benefits, they are driven to buy it themselves. Long story short, it acts as social proof.

Thus, encourage and reward users who post about your product. Promote it. Post it.

5. Post regularly

Consistency is extremely important, especially on a platform like Instagram. You don’t want people to believe that you are ‘not active’.

This will also present you with several opportunities to induce more engagement. Studies reveal that an average brand posts about 1.5 times a day. Thus, it is recommended to have a posting schedule, starting at what time of the day will your posts go live. This will make your audience look up to your posts. But remember, posting more often doesn’t mean you can afford to deteriorate the quality of your posts. Creating engaging posts don’t take much, just try your hands on Image editing tools like Canva and you are good to go. 

The quality must be top-notch, always.

Instagram surely is a dynamic world and needs to stay on your toes, to gather results. This was a small attempt to help all the eCommerce organizations achieve success on Instagram.

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