5 Top Tech Horrors Movies You Must Watch


5 Top Tech Horrors Movies
Nothing compares to the special feeling you experience when watching a movie. The best moments being those when you have a genre you love to watch, giving you a better option to have a good time. 

If you are a fan of horror movies, this is the right article for you. It may feel scary to watch such movies in the dark alone. Even after you think it’s only a movie you’re watching, you may get scared. Share this post with your on or offline friends to invite them over the next streaming session you host. Make sure the post gets enough engagements to gather a crowd. 

Horror movies are a classic and good to pass the time. Important thing about watching a horror movie is to get scared. But also for it to be interesting. Looking forward to watching the 5 top tech horrors movies? read on.  

1.The Fly

This is a 1986 movie and one of the scariest to watch. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, now is the right time. 

The movie is centered around Jeff Goldblum (Seth Brundle). He was a scientist who tried to build telepods that were capable of instantaneous teleportation. Geena Davis (Veronica Quaife), a science journalist was invited to document this scientific discovery process. 

The scientist made some attempts using animals and concluded that the machine was ready for more tests on human beings this time. He decided to use himself as the guinea pig. He didn’t realize a housefly snuck itself in a pod trior during the experiment. So, human DNA and housefly’s DNA intertwined where they transitioned to become a human-fly hybrid. 

The fun in the movie makes it a must-watch for you. It’s a sci-fi horror with humorous and impressive effects. 

2. eXistenz

In this movie, Jennifer Jason Leigh, acting as Allegra Geller, is a famous video game developer. She is famous for producing virtual reality games played on biotechnology gaming consoles connected to human spinal cords. 

Geller decides to demonstrate a new game she has developed – eXistenZ. Geller is then shot by one of the counter-VR group members, Realists. When Jude Law, acting as Ted Pikul, goes to save her, both embark on a harrowing journey. 

The reason that makes this movie so darn compelling is the message that you should never quit. After the end of this movie, you are left scratching your head – but in a good way. 

3.Halloween III

This horror movie is also known as the season of the witch. It is a 1983 movie and among the best produced during the era. 

In this movie, Dan O’Herlihy, acting as Conal Cochran, is a Halloween mask manufacturer. During the year, he makes a significant impact after making the biggest sale. Tom Atkins, acting as Dr. Daniel Challis, investigates the mysterious death of an individual connected to these masks. 

If we give more details, the best parts of this movie will be spoiled. So, watch and enjoy the many surprises in the movies. 

4. Pulse 

In this movie, people living in Tokyo realize ghosts entered the living world and they are consuming their lives. 

The film presents more than one theme: suicide, death, love, depression, isolation, hope, and despair. When you take time to watch the movie, it’s where you realize it’s the creepiest and at the same time one of the most compelling ones to watch. 

5.The Den 

In this movie, Melanie Papalia, acting as Elizabeth Benton, investigates sociological research. She does it through a video chat service known as The Den. 

In her research, she chats with numerous people across the world. One of the worst moments is when she witnesses a murder. After the murder, the killer turns to her, and everything turns into a grizzly event. 

The movie then results in a terrifying and surprising twist. That makes this movie an understated horror gem. Watch it now! 

The Bottom Line 

It is now or never that we have to accept the condition we are living in. We can say that we are in a horror film plot because of the outbreak of a Coronavirus, leading to lockdown and isolation for months. 

If you are working remotely, you have to spend days on your computer, working and attending video meetings. We are now allowed to socialize through laptops and phones. Every friend you want to interact with is far away. All inside the digital squares. That means you have time to watch the best movies. Skim through our horror movies list and you will have something to look forward to.

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