6 Best OnePlus 6 Covers to protect your new phone

Smartphones have now become life essentials because of their matchless usability and versatile features. It has now become almost impossible to go anywhere without carrying a smartphone device with you. With the introduction of new features in new models which are being launched every month, the smartphone demand is now rapidly growing. Splurging hundreds of dollars in these sleek devices will straightaway go down the drain if the device suffers breakage or cracks. 6 Best OnePlus 6 Covers to protect your new phone.

To prevent this situation, the mobile use of phone covers is important. There is nothing extra to spend a few dollars on buying OnePlus 6 case to protect your brand-new OnePlus 6. Smartphone covers are available in a variety of logos, designs, colors, and styles. You can also get customized covers for your device which will speak for your inner artistry as well as match with your lifestyle. Here is a list of OnePlus 6 covers you can go for.

1.Daily Objects Rugged Dark Leather Case

6 Best OnePlus 6 Covers to protect your new phone

Daily Objects Rugged Leather oneplus 6 covers are a great combination of affordability and protection. It has a simple one-piece construction using flexible TPU which is easily wrap around the phone and protect it from all sides. Covering the rear, save for a camera and fingerprint scanner cutout, this OnePlus 6 case will go a long way toward protecting the glass back of the OnePlus 6. Meanwhile, the raised edges of the case can also protect your screen from falls onto flat surfaces. 

2.Tudia Arch S case

Just likely to maintain its title as the most affordable OnePlus 6 case around, Tudia Arch S is no slouch in terms of build quality or looks. This model, in particular, is extra grippy and fits right around the curves of the phone to avoid any extra bulk that we commonly see with OnePlus 6 cases. You’ll find access to buttons and ports unfettered by this case. Available in a few different colours.

3.Daily Objects Space Surfing case

Daily Objects has a great reputation for making smartphone cases, so it’s always refreshing to see one available for a phone like the OnePlus 6. The OnePlus 6 Space Surfing Case combines a rubber cover that goes around the OnePlus 6 with a hard polycarbonate shell to add extra protection and keep everything in place. The case also has port covers on it, so when you’re not using the ports, you can prevent dust and dirt from getting in.

4.Ringke Fusion case

It all about time that some cheaper OnePlus 6 cases hit the market, and it looks like Ringke heard the call with its Fusion case. This one comes in black and clear colour options and provides a minimal, but comprehensive coverage around the latest OnePlus phone. Despite its minimalist design, it actually adds a some of the buffer space between the corners to protect it better against drops. The case also comes with a wrist strap if you want to keep it strapped to your wrist but out of your hand.

5.Anccer Slim Fit case

The OnePlus 6 is a dead-serious smartphone that is packed with impressive specs for an appealing price. From predictable favourites like silver and black, there’s also red, rose gold, blue and green to select between, among a few others. However, you are getting confusion for rooting process of one plus 8 pro. Then click here for how to root one plus 8 pro. This one is certainly isn’t as protective as a ruggedized option, but if you’re looking for a bit more pizzazz for your OnePlus 6, this is a good place to look. 

6.OnePlus Silicone Protective case

Available only in red colour, the soft silicone OnePlus 6 case is the perfect option for those who want to protect their phones with something simple in look and feel. Built to take a silicone, beating keeps your phone in one place on a surface and will likely age well, even if you get it dirty.