6 Things You Can Do To Change Your Phone’s Outer Look

Change Your Phone's Outer Look
6 Things You Can Do To Change Your Phone’s Outer Look

Before the advent of touchscreen phones, manufacturers always found ways to make phones look interesting (or weird). You always know which phone one is holding just by looking at the camera setup, the keypad, or its flip/slide/swivel structure.

Even then, tech-savvy enthusiasts make it a point to stand out from the crowd by applying skins, laptop stickers, phone cases, and different accessories.

Fast forward to 2020, packed with internals faster than even a PlayStation 3, comes smartphones that look almost exactly alike. A front and back glass sandwich setup?  Check. Two to five cameras that stick out like magnets on a fridge?  Check!  Thankfully, they’re (except Apple) almost done with the notch by replacing these with a punch-hole, a pop-up selfie camera, and, soon, under-screen cameras.

Fortunately, the accessory ecosystem never runs out of creative ideas to keep people’s phones looking their best. Whether you want to transform your phone into a fashion accessory or to better express yourself and your beliefs, here are ways to customize the appearance of your smartphone:

1. Slap Some Stickers

Ever since you were little, you must have been expressing yourself through stickers, which you creatively plaster on your lockers, bags, or luggage. Slapping a sticker or two is the easiest, most convenient way to decorate your phone.

2. Cover It With Skins

Like laptops, skins are also available for mobile phones. Phone skins are much better than stickers since they wrap around the phone, providing some level of scratch protection for your phone’s chassis. Plus, there’s a wide variety of designs to choose from!

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3. Go For DIY Cases

Skins may protect your phone from scratches, but not from more destructive elements and circumstances. Protective cases range from simple silicon covers for scratch protection to extremely rugged cases protecting your phone from the elements.

Thanks to the general availability of cheap 3D printers, custom 3D printed cases are now accessible. Cat paws, bunny ears, rubber ducks–you name it and you’ll have it.

No 3D printer?  No problem!  A quick search on YouTube shall provide you with tons of instructional resources on how to create your own case. Some videos use a glue gun or resins as materials. Beads, flowers, glitters–basically anything you can imagine–can be added as ornaments. Your creativity is the limit.

If molding your own case seems a little too much of a hassle, you can buy a plain case and use spray paint, or, for a little adventure, try hydro dipping. You can even skip the case and do this on your phone’s chassis directly.

Change Your Phone's Outer Look

4. Make It Thicker And Last Longer

Smartphone battery lives have been improving over the years. However, all-day use, largely thanks to social media, keeps folks yearning for more. Being tied to the wall socket with your charger keeps you from exploring life’s greatest adventures.

Power banks or battery packs came into existence due to people’s need to be connected 24/7. One disadvantage to this is having to carry a separate device and the need for wires to still be plugged. Though there are wireless power banks available, most phones (especially mid- and low-range ones) don’t support wireless charging yet.

Battery cases connect directly to your phone’s USB (or lighting) port. Compared to other types of cases, however, this one has the disadvantage of being heavy and bulky, depending on its battery capacity.

5. Play With Its Backside

If the amount of apps on either the Play Store or the App Store is not enough to satisfy your hunger for games, having a gaming case might fill you up. Feeling nostalgic?  Just flip your phone to its backside, and voila–there’s your GameBoy!  Missing your childhood Waterful Ring Toss game?  That’s available too as an option. You are looking for the best back case for Redmi Note 6 Pro mobiles a reasonable prices click here

6. Bring Back The Lanyard Trend

A lanyard eyelet is a rare sight among smartphones these days. Back in the day, when phones weren’t literally as heavy as bricks, people were able to hang their phones from their neck (ID lace) or their wrist (wrist strap) for ease of access. Others use it to hang a keychain, a pendant, or cute, fluffy stuffed toys. Smartphones don’t have it, but lots of available cases allow you to have one so you can relive the past in these modern times.


Whether to complement your fashion style or to protect your hard-earned investment (especially now that smartphones are becoming even more expensive), there’s always something for you out there. You don’t even have to limit yourself to just one of these options. You can mix and match multiple accessories to better express your style.


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