6 Ways To Have a Memorable Movie Night With Your Friends


If you want to stay at home but also spend time with your friends, a movie night might be the best solution. You’ll be able to save money and dress in your favorite loungewear while still hanging out with your besties. Here are 6 ways to make movie night an experience to remember.

6 ways to make movie night
6 ways to make movie night

1. Choose a Movie in Advance

Waiting to pick a film until your friends arrive can make the decision difficult, especially if you’re looking for something everyone has yet to see. You’ll end up wasting part of the night searching for a movie, which may make the experience boring. Instead, consider getting input from your pals regarding possible movie choices before the date. Talk to each other via the phone or social media and hold a vote to find a film everyone can agree on.In addition, you can check movie review platforms to find highly rated Shannyn Sossamon movies to watch.

2. Make the Experience Relaxing

Since you’ll be staying home, you have the opportunity to make the atmosphere calming. Tell everyone to dress as comfortably as they please so they can relax while enjoying the movie. Also, provide blankets and pillows so your pals can make a comfortable spot to sit for the film’s duration.

There are some things you can do to enhance the peaceful atmosphere. For example, you may want to light some candles or use an essential oil diffuser to allow a calming aroma to fill the room. Consider having wine, tea or CBD products, such as CBD cigarettes, on hand for anyone who wants to indulge and unwind.

If the weather permits, you may want to have an outdoor movie night instead. Consider decorating the space based on the film’s theme. For example, if it’s romantic, string paper hearts across the chairs and light the area with pink or red lights. If the movie is a horror film, you could make ghosts out of sheets and space them throughout the yard.

3. Provide Snacks

Movies with friends require proper snacks. Although the most popular choice is popcorn, there are many other delicious options to choose from. If you’re looking for something healthy, try vegetables and dip or pita chips and hummus. Pretzels, nuts and chips are effortless possibilities, as all you need to do is put them out in bowls. Also, you could ask your guests to bring something if you want a variety.

If you decide to provide the snacks yourself, make sure you ask your friends if they have dietary restrictions to make sure you have something everyone can eat. The last thing you’ll want to do is unintentionally make a pal feel left out. 

4. Turn Off Cell Phones

People tend to be more focused on their cell phones rather than what’s going on right in front of them. Contemplate establishing a “no phone” policy so you and your friends focus on each other and the movie. Of course, this rule shouldn’t be strict, as your pals may need to use their phones, but suggesting this policy is sure to make everyone think twice before getting on social media or texting.

5. Stop for a Break

Instead of sitting through the entire movie, take a break in the middle. Use this time to go to the restroom, get snacks or check your phone. You may also want to stretch your legs and give your opinion about what will happen next in the film.

6. Take Time To Discuss the Movie

Have you ever watched a film in which the ending baffled you? This confusion may have caused you to research its meaning to get clarity. If you feel this way, your friends will probably react similarly. 

Hold a discussion after the movie to talk about anything you loved, hated or were confused about. Your pals can give their opinions and possibly provide you with insight into the plot’s meaning. They may tell you things you never thought about on your own.

Sometimes staying home and enjoying movies with your friends makes for a perfect night, especially if you need to relax. The next time you want a low-key hangout idea with your besties, pick a film and invite your friends over.

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