6 Web Design Trends for 2021


Where to start? Witnessing new design trends is about being a part of evolution. In the design world, change is the law. Then again, some Google trends are timeless (like using sans serif fonts), and some others move in circles, say, they make a comeback every few years. 2021 is no exception, and you must be eager to know what’s trending this year. As it turns out, a lot is going on, marked with a return of retro styles, psychedelic designs, and the eternal black and white. The latest choices also include cool animations, diagonal lines, and 3D illustrations to make a point. This article here deals with the top 6 design trends of 2021. 

The Three-Dimensional Style is On

More and more websites are incorporating three-dimensional designs in their presentation. Probably it has something to do with the advent of high-resolution screens, but 3D is in. It looks great, attributes a certain structure to the whole page, and makes the design stand out. It also leaves a virtually limitless space for trying out new images, or rather images with an elevated view. 

There’s no denying the charm of 3D to put across a point, and designers this year are keen on using it. Whether it’s a textual element, a product photo, or scattered 3D goodness all over the page, it’s working well. Hopefully, you will see more drop shadows and 3D textures around the year.

1. Black and White Resurrection

If any singular trend will make it big in 2021, it’s the black and white resurrection. It’s seen everywhere, in images, illustrations, or the entire webpage adopting the dark mode. Some websites are also using a black framework for geometric grids. Designers worldwide are taking note of this black and white resurrection, and it’s a trend that’s growing every day. 

It might have something to do with the bleak landscape of the past year, with the whole world immersed in black, the colour of mourning. However, that’s only a conjecture, and the use of B&W may have to do with the ease of visibility that it offers for users. Whether it’s an effect due to the pandemic or to offer a clearer UX, it’s very prevalent this year. Even Google, the omnipresent web page, has recently rolled out a dark mode for its search engine. 

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2. Offering a Rich User Experience 

2021 is also seeing a renewed interest in multimedia storytelling. It involves everything from audio, video, and texts creating a rich user experience. While some websites incorporate videos in their home pages, a few others are seen to experiment with audio clips. Whether to allow autoplay for videos or provide a play button is clearly up to you. But, one thing is certain, videos have become very popular. 

If you are also thinking of using multimedia, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. You ought to keep the design simple with minimum distractions to easily find what they are searching for.
  2. As you have different media formats at your disposal, use them thoughtfully. For example, consider using transcripts and closed captioning for all pre-recorded media.
  3. Make sure that the text is created using HTML rather than rendering them inside images. 

Other aspects of offering a rich user experience include scroll cards on the landing page and animations to make a point. Several new websites have prioritized cool animations in their presentation, and you might also consider using these special effects. In addition, scroll cards offer swift design aesthetics, and it would not be uncommon to see many designers experimenting with their use. 

3. Muted Color Palette 

In the design world, opposites co-exist. So, if, on the one hand, there’s a rich user experience, on the other hand, the muted color palette is also popular. Using subdued colors is pleasant to the eye, and above all, it’s quite organic. As it is for the past few years, organic design trends are still popular this year. Instead of using outlandish colors to make a point, many designers choose simple pastel shades in their digital creations. As mentioned above, the black and white design trend used in the backdrop of muted colors is also prominent this year. 

On the same note, some designers are implementing graininess in their work. Grains can create a pleasing retro effect when used with muted colors growing in popularity this year.  

4. Surrealism in Designs 

Another visible trend this year is the use of surrealism. Closely tied with this is the use of psychedelic designs. Both trends are seeing a resurgence, with many top websites opting for surrealistic illustrations. The idea implied here is to create a truly amazing user experience that delivers a lasting impression. Besides, the scope of creativity in these trends is virtually limitless, and many designers are happily trying them out. Whether for innovative presentation of products or to provide a fantastic backdrop, the surrealist phantasmagoria is very much relevant in 2021. 

5. Value-Driven Designs 

Many website owners are keen to include an element of valuable social input in their designs. It can emphasize using natural products only or highlighting social movements like the ‘Black Lives Matter’; 2021 is hopefully going to see a lot of value-driven design. As it is for the past few years, climate activism continues to be a hot topic. Its influence has trickled down to the design space, using foliage and floral motifs to make a point. 

Of course, this can be tied to the aftereffects of the pandemic as well. Being tired of the lockdowns and social restrictions, there is a growing trend of returning to the forests to find solace. Several new businesses are offering their customers the exclusivity of serving humanity and work for the betterment of the world in general. (Reckon the growing number of B-corporations, and you get the point easily.) So expect to see a lot of natural elements this year. It’s not only limited to floral motifs, and it can be anything from forests, seas, hills, valleys, anything that inspires new hope.  

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