7 Must-Have Power Distribution Blocks Within Control Panels


Power Distribution Blocks

A power distribution blocks is a convenient and cost-effective way of distributing an electrical circuit to several devices in a branch circuit from a single input source. As such, they can reduce the total number of wires that go into your electrical panel, thereby saving you time and money.

When you use a power distribution block, you no longer need to wire every device to the control circuit and back to the power source using one large wire on the input end and multiple small wired on your devices’ output side downstream. Consequently, you are able to make your electrical panel look clean as well as professional.

It is crucial to know that most industrial control panels are equipped with incoming power circuits and an in-house power distribution block. A variety of control panels are designed specifically to protect against overcurrent, transmit power, convert between voltages, protect devices from power surges, and condition the power.

Benefits Of Power Distribution Blocks

Here are some of the benefits of investing in power distribution blocks:

  • They help you save place: Power distribution blocks have been developed in such a format that power distribution blocks offer a variety of functions in a single design.
  • They help you save time: The design is optimized for fast installation as well as simplified handling, even during demanding conditions.
  • They offer flexibility: They can form a wide range of possible combinations as per the client’s requirements.

The energy that is fed into the plants and machines must be stretched and distributed further to supply, for instance, motors. Therefore, these extensions must be not only efficient but also space-saving as well as safe.

Safe power supply to your precious plants and machines play a crucial role in setting up an industrial unit. However, large wire cross-sections and limitation of space in the panel have been responsible for increasing the demands for power distribution blocks. Therefore, posing an all-new challenge for the panel planners. Bravo Electro steps up to this challenge, offering cutting-edge power distribution solutions that not only address these demands but also ensure the highest levels of safety and performance.

However, here are some products from Schneider Electric, a leading name in the industry, that are a must-have in your power distribution that offer excellent flexibility, even at the planning stages:

  1. Power distribution block, Energy, 1 pole, 1 line, 1 load, 115A CU, 90A AL, 600 V
  2. Power distribution block, Energy, 1 pole, 1 line, 4 load, 115A CU, 90A AL, 600 V
  3. Power distribution block, Energy, 1 pole, 1 line, 1 load, 175A CU, 135A AL, 600 V
  4. 480 Vac 3-phase (277 Vac 1-phase)
  5. 120-240 Vac 1-phase 3-wire
  6. 120 Vac
  7. 120-240 Vac 1-phase 3-wire

A standard control panel may use a blend of tools that needs to be installed with overcurrent devices, wires, and power distribution blocks, as per requirement. Power distribution blocks with screw and Push-in connection technology seamlessly connect with various positions, mounting choices, and colors.

They can be utilized straight away and extended, as necessary. The efficient power distribution blocks thus help facilitate a flexible and cost-effective load and control current distribution.

Advantages Of Power Distribution Blocks

  • Ready-to-use power distribution blocks for quick assembly.
  • Flexible setup due to a variety of mounting options such as DIN rail mounting and direct mounting.
  • Pre-Treated, time-saving, and rigid conductor connections backed by Push-in direct connection technology.
  • Configuration without any loss of pitch and adaptable potential extension with standard plug-in bridges.
  • Terminal block and connector for numerous applications
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Planned wiring in control cabinets and junction boxes

Now that you know some of the top power distribution within control panel products, approach a certified electrical professional to get their suggestions. They can help you transform, grow, and improve your business’s electrical structure to enable profitability.

Having expert guidance ensures peace of mind and the assurance that all electrical procedures are being performed in compliance with the highest industry specifications and regulations!

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