8 Benefits Microsoft Azure Has to Offer Your Business in 1 Convenient List


8 Benefits Microsoft Azure Has to Offer Your Business, in 1 Convenient List More and more organizations are adopting the cloud-based model. There are various cloud system service providers, including Google & Amazon, but in this post, we will focus on Microsoft Azure as it is a class in itself when it comes to practical cloud business solutions. When we talk about effective solutions, Microsoft Azure offers more than a pure increase in use – it offers measurable services that include databases, computing, analytics, mobile apps, networking & storage. With these tools in hand, you can completely outrace your competitors. Even if you’re one of those top geeks & you’re here just out of curiosity, you can lean a lot in this article.8 Benefits Microsoft Azure Has to Offer Your Business, in 1 Convenient List

1. Microsoft Azure is fast

There is no doubt that speed is crucial to businesses of all types. In the context of Azure, speed is prevalent across 3 key areas:

  1. Speed of deployment
  2. Speed of operation
  3. Speed of scalability

Having all these functions in place, Azure is impossible to match by other leading cloud service providers.

2. Business agility increment

When using Azure, your business has faster development cycles than any business using on-premises solutions. You can get more responsive feedback and become more iterative when developing any applications. We, at EPC Group, provide Microsoft Azure consulting services and if you are already hooked, you should definitely check our services out. If not, keep reading to find out more about the other benefits of using Azure.

3. Azure can match your global reach

Azure has the advantage of dynamically adapting to utilization requirements and performance. This gives you the benefit to focus on core objectives rather than constantly monitoring behavior. Another great thing is that users don’t depend on location.

4. Azure’s integrated development environment

Azure has the world’s leading development environment strain in Visual Studio, which is the real game-changer for two reasons:

  1. Teams can quickly deploy and learn on the job
  2. Mismatch of skill avoidant

The simple fact that people don’t need to be introduced to a new platform speaks for itself.

5. A fully integrated delivery pipeline

Azure offers an entire end-to-end solution when it comes to pipelines:

    • Source control
    • Unit testing



  • Delivery
  • Go live tools

Many people believe that it is advantageous to use specific tools from different providers that specialize in one certain area. Imagine you are grocery shopping in a hypermarket because it has everything you need. Then someone says that you should get your dairy products from the local farm and that the bakery right across the street makes the best bread in the state. When it comes to meat though, the best meat in town is 100 miles away, but it’s still worth it. Probably… If we take this example It’s like convenience versus quality. But, what if this hypermarket actually offers bread, milk, and meat of the same quality that small businesses do. What if some products are even better?

This is what Azure really managed to do. Now let’s talk about convenience.

In case of future updates, Azure has the advantage in a manner that still benefits the rest of their pipelines, ensuring long-term success and cementing the business case of a pure-play solution.

6. No need to worry about disaster recovery

We, at  EPC Group, often work with businesses that have a global footprint and require a solution that matches their need for a global transfer of data. In tandem with this, the CSOs have to maintain a stronghold so that there is a consideration for their disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities. This includes failover locations and recovery points objectives. However, Azure covers this in spades as it has:

  • Regional and global failover options
  • Hot and cold standby models
  • Rolling reboot capabilities

All of these can work right out of the box, and if you want to learn more about this, take advantage of our Microsoft Azure consulting services or stay on this page to see what really puts Azure beyond your typical on-premises option for sure.

7. Security and peace of mind

Azure has to offer so much when it comes to security, but one of the most impactful features that it has to offer is a secure and seamless login solution for its users. Users can now easily access all relevant platforms with the help of Microsoft’s Azure Single Sign-On without bothering to remember complex passwords. This reduces the risk of hacking into selected accounts and also enables more granular controls.

8. Azure can be deployed anywhere

Unlike most of the “cloud-first” providers, Microsoft has built out the amazing Azure Stack, which is basically a hybrid model that has all the benefits of the “cloud-first” providers but can also utilize a range of proven hardware providers for on-premises requirements. With the help of Azure, your business can now easily select where your data will reside, and if you decide to press ahead with Microsoft’s Azure pure cloud solution, this transition can become very easy. Enough reading, if you have made it this far, you are more than ready to see the power Azure can give to your business or organization. It’s time to access your cloud options, and we, at EPC Group, are here to help!

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