8 Exceptional Smart Home Security Systems of 2020

Smart Home Security Systems of 2020
Smart Home Security Systems

The advent of technology and the internet has enabled us to experience an all-new level of comfort and luxury in our homes. However, with this luxury, you need to secure your homes with an added layer of protection.

Fortunately, we are also blessed with an amazing choice of home security systems that can transform our homes into high-security fortresses. We have compiled a list of the best Smart Home Security Systems for your choosing.

All they need is access to a reliable internet connection like Optimum internet and you will be able to maintain complete oversight over your home even while you are away. So, let’s get started.

abode iota All-in-One Home Security Kit

Starting off with an easy-to-install yet highly capable security system, the iota by abode is an all-in-one high-performance security system that you definitely need in your home. With its 1080p camera, you could clearly see if and when someone enters your premises.

Moreover, the system is equipped with a motion sensor so even the slightest bit of movement does not go undetected. To top it all off, you will not be bound by any sort of monthly contract fee to keep your home secure.

Arlo Pro 3 Home Security System

Next, we have for you a system that enables you to keep an eye on every visitor in crystal-clear 2K quality. The system provides 3 separate cameras that you can place in different corners of your home. You can also control and access them via voice commands as the system is compatible with Alexa as well.

The system also provides a number of useful features like night vision, sirens, 2-way audio, and spotlight in its arsenal. It is safe to say that no one escapes the eyes and ears of Arlo Pro 3.

Blink Outdoor Wireless Home Security System

When you install a camera outside your home, you often need to safeguard it from severe weather conditions and other hazards. The Blink Outdoor security system takes care of itself since it is completely weather resistant.

The system comes with up to 5 separate cameras, all of which are capable of transmitting and recording HD video all the time. The system does not even require any hassle of wires as it features wireless battery packs in all of its cameras.

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System

This home security system by SimpliSafe can provide instant security capabilities without any complex setup. The system lets you set up your own home security system without subscribing to any monthly services.

The system includes a number of entry and motion sensors that fortify your homes even further. Furthermore, the system happens to be compatible with virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Ring Alarm Home Security System

As the name suggests, this is a smart doorbell for your home that also works as an amazing home security system. For those living in small apartments, this makes for an effective security system. It comes with a base station, a contact sensor, a keypad, and a range extender to provide complete supervision over your home.

Furthermore, you can also access it via your smartphones and different smart speakers that you may already own. Simple by asking your virtual assistants, you can respond to any and all notifications.

abode Smart Security Kit

Yet another remarkable security system by abode is its complete Smart Security Kit. This DIY kit allows you to create a firewall around your home round the clock. You can easily install this system and monitor it using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

The system functions flawlessly during power outages as well, using its professional-grade battery backup. In case of emergencies, you can trigger either silent or loud alarms, thus alerting nearby users of the situation.

AWOW Wi-Fi Smart Security System

The AWOW Wi-Fi Smart Security System gives you complete oversight over each and every corner of your home. You can control windows, garage doors, cameras, and different sensors in your home by combining this system with the Smart Life app.

The built-in strong siren can alert each and every person within the home without fail. You can also trigger silent alarms to prevent any form of escalation of the situation.

Honeywell Home Smart Security

Lastly, we have another DIY home security system that is quite easy to install. This seemingly simple system has several highly sensitive cameras, motion sensors, and audio sensors to prevent any and all intrusions.

You can easily upload all recordings to the Cloud with a simple voice command to your virtual assistants. Moreover, the system makes for an amazing smart speaker for all your favorite tunes as well.

All in All

Your home is your comfort zone and you should be able to sleep carelessly without constantly looking over your shoulder. We are confident that all of the systems discussed above can create a perfectly safe and secure home environment for you and your loved ones.

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