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I personally am a very big fan of Manga and like to read Mangas Online like Naruto, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, NANA, Death Note and many more. Yesterday I came across this new manga app called as 8Comic, by Xiaojie Ye. This app is to update you with all the latest release of your favorite Anime Manga.

After downloading this app, I initially faced a lot of problems to navigate because this app entirely written in Japanese language. But after going through this app is found it to be the best Manga apps to be. I still wish that I could know the language. This app gets updated every day so that you can have your Manga on time. After spending an hour with this app I got to know some of their features and glitches. Here are some of them.

Features Of 8Comic v1.4:

This manga app is updated, as soon as any manga is released it will reflected in this app. Apart from reading mangas, we can also have screen savers, and wallpapers of our favorite Anime Characters. To get yourselves more busy with this app; they will also update you with the most popular contest if there is any.

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Glitches Of 8Comic v1.4:

One of the major glitches in this app is it being non-English. All the navigation is written in Japanese, because of which navigating becomes impossible. It takes a lot of time to understand this. But, I am expecting that they will get this glitch out in the new version.

Another problem that I faced was it getting crashed every single time I use to try changing the settings in this app. Because of which I could I was not able to explore the settings. If both the problems are removed, this can be one of the best manga apps.

I tried to find this App on Google Store, but I couldn’t find it. If anyone of you comes across this app, please share it across in the comment.

Download 8Comic Manga App From Apple Store


  1. One of the most outstanding features is the million units of various types of real-time serial comic theme with speedy update and high stability.


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