9 Advantages of Underfloor Heating Systems


Heating in cold countries of the world has become easier due to the modern underfloor heating system technology. The installation cost of the heating system is based on the area that needs to be heated. Consider that the particular underfloor heating system’s installation cost differs from its running cost and that larger homes are likely to have higher expenses. Running costs always have more variables in comparison to installation costs. Below the article, here find the 9 Advantages of Underfloor Heating Systems.

Those who want to install heating systems neatly in homes and offices and require these to run for long periods of time should buy underfloor heating loose cable. The cables are laid beneath the floor of a room on the basis of its size. The degree of heat required through underfloor heating systems also depends on the amount of sunlight in the private or commercial premises. More sunlight will means lesser use of electric energy from the heating system. While some may require heat in the whole space, there are others who may have heating requirements for a couple of rooms only.

Types of Floors 

Among the different types of floors, concrete has a high thermal mass, which makes it highly suitable for underfloor heating systems. Concrete retains a lot of heat and also has rapid heat-up times. Apart from this, even stone and tile are excellent floor options. High thermal conductivity in these cases allows heat from the heating pipe or cable to spread quickly.

Misconception About Heated Floors 

People who think that underfloor heating systems always make floors hot are actually mistaken since they regulate the temperatures of complete rooms. Instead, while the floors themselves do not get cold, the heating systems ensure that rooms are not cold.

Major Advantages of Underfloor Heating Systems

Loose cables fitted underneath the floor for electric heating are suited for areas where temperatures go particularly low. The different types of underfloor heating systems available are levelers, electric mats, adhesives, and thermostats.  The major advantages of these heating systems are as follows:

  1. No cold spots in the entire area, as compared to traditional heaters
  2. On-the-wall thermostats allow them to maintain comfortable temperatures in any room
  3. Electric mats can be fitted without calling the professionals
  4. Radiators have been used for heating homes over the years, but electric heating systems are more efficient options. The absence of radiators also helps to create a lot of indoor space, where furniture can be put up.
  5. Underfloor heating systems are much safer than radiators, with the latter causing burn injuries in the past
  6. The heat from electric heating systems reaches the body directly, giving a feeling of coziness
  7. Electricity bills are much lower
  8. Heating systems are available with long warranty periods, some of them being lifetime warranties
  9. Electric mats do not use air circulation and make hot air rise, thereby disturbing various allergens such as dust. This improves living conditions for allergic individuals.

Find a Top Manufacturer 

Do not make the mistake of purchasing cheap underfloor heating solutions, as short circuits and other mishaps could prove to be very costly. Get in touch with a reliable manufacturer either through the Internet or through a personal reference for a good quality product. Also, a reliable manufacturer will also be able to ensure high product life and lesser maintenance charges. Using review websites, each of the manufacturers can be reviewed over the Internet. It is also a good idea to read about products from a heating system manufacturer before making a purchase.

Although less maintenance is necessary for underfloor heating systems made by reputed manufacturers, it does not mean that the maintenance is ignored. Regular maintenance makes sure that the system is able to run in an efficient manner. For efficient heating, buyers can also expect tips from company professionals.

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Handling Installation Damages

Underfloor heating cables are commonly available with repair kits to fix damages during installation, if at all. In case have been accidentally damaged or cut during installation, they can be fixed here. Similarly, buyers must remember to never cut the loose cable to shorten it as this manipulated the wire’s resistance rating. In certain cases, such a cable may cause a short-circuiting in the house or office, which would be dangerous.

Customer Support

All individuals will get world-class customer support from top companies that sell underfloor heating systems. Due to this, all kinds of issues with products and services, including grievances, are handled in a quick and professional manner. Customer support teams at such companies are always able to provide solutions when necessary.

Many customers may also come up with queries about the warranty. Although much of the information is available with the product, any missing information can be collected from customer support professionals. A warranty is meant to be for a standard period of time, but there are certain companies that make lifetime warranty available on the heating systems. Choose the best scheme to match personal or organizational requirements.

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