Advantages of Cctv Poe Extender


In today’s world, video surveillance (CCTV) is essential to maintaining a safe environment. In addition to being the best way to keep current events under monitoring, it’s also an excellent way to maintain employee and property safety. More on the history of Close-circuit television or CCTV see below: 

There are many benefits to installing CCTV cameras at your premises. First of all, video surveillance helps reduce a manager’s workload. It allows you to monitor staff behavior and productivity. You can also use CCTV to prevent theft or catch employees committing crimes. It can also be used as a tool to prevent theft. 

In many cases, video footage provides sufficient proof in a case, allowing you to avoid the need to go to trial. Having quality video surveillance can be a great way to protect a business from lawsuits. For law enforcement, clear images are more effective deterrents than analog systems. 

Use of Poe for Video Surveillance

One of the best uses for Power over Ethernet is in surveillance systems. This network technology provides the data and power to cameras, VoIP phones, wireless access points, etc. Instead of having separate power cables for video, the PoE system only requires a single UTP cable.

Even if you have older cameras that are not PoE-adapted, a simple splitter will solve that. Also, you might need additional switches if you have a router with not many ports. And even if these switches don’t support PoE, you can use its Midspan to inject power into network cables.

PoE systems allow you to monitor the area around you while you’re away. It has an excellent application in factories, warehouses, storage units, etc. These locations often utilize high-resolution cameras to prevent theft and accidents. Likewise, recording devices can be used in parking lots with multiple locations. School campuses, too, have deployed IP camera networks. 


The first advantage of using PoE switches for video surveillance is that they can handle a growing system network. These devices don’t consume large amounts of power so they can support many cameras. In addition, this type of cabling will allow for future expansion. 

This system allows remote management of different CCTV devices. Because of its flexibility, PoE can be used for various video surveillance applications. These are IP cameras, wireless IP phones, VoIP phones, and similar technology. Because of its single-cable capability, PoE CCTV is an excellent choice for remote areas where these devices are used.


The independence from power supply means placing surveillance devices wherever you want. Both current and data go through the same cable. But power enters the wire through the injector. That’s what separates these two pathways and avoids interfering with each other. 

So you can view PoE extender and take it as a great choice to expand a network. It’s faster and more flexible than a traditional power-wired device, making large deployments a snap. Also, this technology is ideal for high-power cameras, such as PTZ models, because of its central power source.

Time and Cost Savings

Video surveillance allows the installation of multiple cameras in a single building. It can cover outside areas, but only within a distance of up to 100 meters. You can even use it over existing copper telecom infrastructure. 

A great thing about PoE CCTV systems is that you can easily incorporate them into the current wiring infrastructure. Improved video resolution saves money for a business, requiring less infrastructure to monitor an ample space. This feature is very convenient and cost-effective. 

But you can also opt for new installations, making it easy to perform future upgrades. PoE is a standard LAN cable fed by 48 volts or more. It’s a safe voltage and is commonly used for video surveillance applications. 

This technology allows the DC to get to cameras, VoIP phones, and other surveillance devices using data cables, not power lines. So there’s no need for hiring electricians to install electrical systems and outlets for your surveillance. Plus, dual cord function means no excess cables, which bring extra savings on material. And not to mention the hassle of installing new network lines. 

Stable Connection

A stable network connection is of utmost importance for surveillance systems. That’s why Ethernet is a way better option than wireless. WiFi connections for CCTV systems are not reliable and can be hacked easily. And you certainly don’t want to miss some important recording. 

On the other hand, you’ll never have to worry about losing video recordings or other data when you rely on Ethernet. You can rest assured that your IP cameras are protected with PoE. Whether you use NVR devices or cloud storage, this technology ensures cameras are always up and running. And with the proper monitoring and documentation, this video surveillance can be an excellent asset for your business. 

Safety of the System

One of the essential advantages of Power over Ethernet is its ability to handle a centralized power source. For example, a video surveillance system without PoE can’t function if there is a power cut. Having a centralized power source means that you can control the device anywhere. You can use that to handle all of the devices on the network. 

Power over Ethernet systems provide fault protection to CCTVs. They prevent damage on connected devices if there’s a power supply failure or other malfunction. Simply, they are designed to turn off the power supply if there’s any risk of a short circuit. 

Another advantage of PoE is its ability to avoid power outages. Many cameras are powered by a UPS device that cannot handle a power outage. With PoE-enabled LANs, it eliminates the need for multiple UPS devices and thus makes your surveillance system more reliable and safer.

PoE technology has found its place in many different applications and is now available in video surveillance systems. Using it means placing the surveillance devices in the most efficient location, thereby achieving the most benefits. Whether installing a new system or upgrading an existing one, PoE technology is the perfect solution for your needs.

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