Advantages of choosing Angular JS for Application development

Advantages of choosing Angular JS for Application development
Advantages of choosing Angular JS for Application development

As the internet continues to progress, there have been changes in how we navigate it. First, came the websites and now we have moved to full-blown apps that work well across different platforms. It’s been quite some time since traditional businesses have started using it as support. We’ve now come to a stage where entire setups are being established on the internet. below in this article, we will cover the Advantages of choosing Angular JS for Application development.

Big businesses shifted to the world of e-commerce a long time back, however, we’ve also seen small and medium enterprises take advantage of the ecosystem. The internet is both cost-effective and easy for people to start selling a product or service and have given traditional businesses some serious competition. With the growing e-commerce websites, the programming languages and web development have also evolved. One of these programming approaches is the Angular JS, an open-source front-end web framework based on JavaScript made for creating dynamic one-page applications.

Angular JS is maintained by Google and by a community of developers who solve issues incurred during the development of single-page applications and maintain the system. It was launched back in 2009 and since then, there has been no looking back. During application development, both HTML and JavaScript are used along with a form of CSS. AngularJS is the top choice for most developers and there are a number of reasons why. Read the more info here.

1. A framework that is backed by the most revolutionary internet company

Google happens to be one of the most credible names in the industry. Being backed by it gives AngularJS an edge over other frameworks in the industry. The development team behind this framework are experts who also happen to be part of the Google team.

2. Availability of Insights

Since its launch, AngularJS has been a favorite among web developers all over the world. Its popularity is one of the main reasons that a number of troubleshooting tips and fixes are easily available for it. The references to assist the developers are scattered online and a number of IT events such as hackathons are held to attract web enthusiasts who love this framework.

3. Employing HTML

HTML is one of the basic languages that all developers are fluent in and AngularJS employs it extensively. Many developers work on improving user experience within AngularJS using HTML.

4. Fast and reliable

AngularJS happens to be fast as well. The framework is easy to understand and use and developers have the space to experiment with it. There are a number of features that Angular supports such as data binding, animation, API clients, routing, content sanitization, and scope management. These enhancements make development an easy task and assist developers in innovating how they create web applications.

5. Availability of Application testing platform

Any developer who wants to create apps that are error-free knows how important testing of the application is. Google, itself values testing and has integrated it in AngularJS. The testing process of this framework has been developed intelligently so that the smooth working of the applications can be ensured. Furthermore, there is a unit test runner available that gives a developer the exact picture of how an application will behave once it is live.

6. Integration of both MVC and MVVM models

MVC and MVVM are design patterns used in programming languages. MVC stands for Model, View and Controller and refers to a 3-mode design. The design consists of a view and a model. A mediating bridge exists between the view and the model, known as a controller. Similarly, an MVVM design pattern that contains 2-way binding and is split into model, view and view is also a part of Angular JS. If you are unaware about any of these designs, there are plenty of tutorials available to walk you through the mechanics. Both of these designs have been integrated into AngularJS for Web Application Development.

If you make any changes in the user interface, the changes will reflect in the user interface as well. This happens because of the 2-way data-binding system in place within AngularJS. For single-page applications, Angular happens to be the perfect framework because it is a complete solution. Since it doesn’t require additional plugins, all professional and novice developers consider it their go-to framework for all kinds of web apps. 

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