Three Reasons AI Has Become “The Future OF IT Help Desk”

AI Has Become “The Future OF IT Help Desk
AI Has Become “The Future OF IT Help Desk

One of the significant markets for development within the field of technology is Artificial Intelligence. In fact, AI is speedily allowing us to make rapid changes to various fields within the domain of technology. It is the technology that gives intelligent machines (be it computers, drones, robots, or whatever name is called) the power to “think” and behave in a “manner” that previously only humans could do. This means they can perform all the activities without human interference as they can make decisions from what they have learned. AI requires data, mostly for learning and making vital decisions.

We are all aware that there is still room for improvement in the area of help desk using AI technology. Help Desk software is almost used in every business to manage various types of work. It assists in answering customer-related queries as well as employee’s concerns. Hence, it’s a perfect solution for sorting, answering, and collecting results from each end-user who raised the service ticket. The main concern is to maximize its accuracy and dependability to cater to the needs of the customers.

What Is A Help Desk Software?

AI Help-desk software is known with different names like service-desk or customer support desk software. A service desk system helps the company solve their customer related queries efficiently by using an automated complaint resolution procedure with ticket management. Organizations use this software to handle a wide array of information. The basic function of the help desk is to manage customer concerns.

Three reasons why AI has become the future of the IT help desk. Here are some of the ways you should consider before looking for AI service desk for your organization –

1. IT Help Desk Chatbot

One department where AI provides an automated 24×7 communication for users is IT Chatbot. This implies that there will be “someone” present all the time at the help desk, even when there is no person present.

The introduction of chatbots in the IT service-desk system in the organization has changed its support productivity. The IT help desk can promptly answer the agent’s support queries and usually resolve them instantly. It can enhance satisfaction to the end-users and allow the help desk agent to concentrate on complicated problems and other digital modifications efforts.

Methods through which the chatbots can enhance the productivity of IT service desk:

  • Quick Response Time

Chatbots for IT service-desk is beneficial for enterprises as they address the basic and mundane IT support queries, administer tickets, and provide a self-service alternative. Users can sort out their queries promptly with the use of a chat having the virtual assistant. This minimizes the wait time for the end-users, which leads to a positive effect on their efficiency. Chatbots can help enterprises immediately resolving troubleshooting issues, spreading awareness about basic FAQs on advanced technology initiatives, policies, implementation, and more.

  • Better Resource Optimization

A robust chatbot lowers the work-load on the team of the IT department. The help desk team does not need to handle monotonous issues daily. The chatbot solves the simple issues, and complex queries are forwarded to IT staff. This offers them to handle high-value interactions.

2. Reduce Service And Incident Request Prioritization And Routing With AI

Registration of service and incident requests is a full-fledged work for the service-desk. Hence, it becomes very hectic for service desk agents to file the requests and lots of other information. Hence, Artificial Intelligence is used for prioritizing, automatic sorting, and maintaining service request tickets. This helps to access relevant information without any error, hence streamlining the registration process. AI can even use  Machine Learning to decode the elements of incidents and service requests within a specific category.

3. Knowledge Curation

AI-assisted knowledge management is one of the new features looming in help desk products. It comprises an intelligent search option that recognizes a particular keyword and allows to obtain and acknowledge context and its meaning. AI can also work as an intelligent autoresponder that answers end-user emails with suitable solutions. With the help of it, gaps in the knowledge base can also be recognized. Hence, AI-driven knowledge is not only useful for the end-users but the IT agents too.

Challenges Faced By The IT Help Desk

However, the expedition and efficiency of IT service-desk are impacted by the below-mentioned factors:

  • Mundane Queries
  • Handling Numerous Requests Simultaneously
  • Delay in solving important IT problems
  • Extended Resolution Periods
  • Acquiring, Training, and Retaining Tech Workers
  • Lack of Useful Self-Service Tools

In the coming year, Artificial Intelligence will change the way of different technology tools. These tools will automate the basic processes. Thus, it will help the technical team handle and acknowledge their own value in a new light. Furthermore, it can automate the system so that the help desk agents have more time to focus on the complex issues at hand with their resources rather than on help desk requests.

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