Amazon Developing New Display Advertisement Platform In Direct Completion To Google Ads


ARView by Amazon

Amazon is already know for their affiliation network ads & now the recent news says that Amazon is working on their new Display Networking ads platform, which is in direct competition with Google ads. Because of this Amazon has now completely stopped buying ads from Google.

This new advertising tool by amazon will allow the advertisers to track their users so that they attract multiple users, which in simple terms is called the dynamic re-marketing, where advertisers will be benefited with butter revenue. To make this work accurate, amazon will be hiring experts to check if the new advertisement echo-system working fine.

With this advertisement method, people can now target depending on the traffic location so that the conversion does not restrict to just particular location. Which mean,  if you are getting traffic from other than your location, this new display networking ads will show products based on their country amazon listings so that the advertisers will bet more benefit out of it.

 Currently this new advertisement method is yet under testing phase, but it is expected to be out soon by or before next quarter.
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