Anime Black Clover
Country Japan
Releases date Oct 3, 2017
Studio Studio Pierrot
Licence Funimation

Black Clover

Black Clover is an Anime series by Yūki Taba. This series is about Aasta a young orphan from the Clover Kingdom who was born with no Magic power & aimed to become the Magic Emperor. His only rival & best friend Yuno has same Aim as Aasta’s.

Aasta gets chosen by a 5 clover book granting him the Devil power. Later he joins Black Bull under captain Yami and becomes stronger after every mission he completes. With his no magic power he is unique who is capable to undo any magic.

In this Anime Series, we will see how Aasta becomes strong & his journey to become the Magic Emperor. In this Magic Emperor, there are today 9 Squads

Black Clover Squads


Squads Captains

Golden Dawn William Vangeance
Black Bull Yami Sukehiro
Silver Eagle Nozel Silva
Blue Rose Charlotte Roselei
Crimson Lion Mereoleona Vermillion
Green Mantis Jack the Ripper
Coral Peacock Dorothy Unsworth
Purple Orca Kaiser Granvorka
Azure Deer Rill Boismortier

Black Clover Squad & Squad members




Golden Dawn William Vangeance Captain
Golden Dawn Golden Dawn team member
Yuno Golden Dawn team member
Alecdora Sandler Golden Dawn team member
Klaus Lunettes Golden Dawn team member
Mimosa Vermillion Golden Dawn team member
Siren Tium Golden Dawn team member
Hamon Caseus Golden Dawn team member
Black Bull
Yami Sukehiro Captain
Asta Black Bull team member - Main Character
Charmy Pappitson Black Bull team member
Finral Roulacase Black Bull team member
Gordon Agrippa Black Bull team member
Gauche Adlai Black Bull team member
Henry Legolant Black Bull team member
Luck Voltia Black Clover team member
Magna Swing Black Bull team member
Noelle Silva Black Bull team member
Vanessa Enoteca Black Bull team member
Zora Ideale Black Bull team member
Silver Eagle
Acier Silva Captain
Curtis Warren Silver Eagle team member
Kyle Silver Eagle team member
Nozel Silva Silver Eagle team member
Nebra Silva Silver Eagle team member
Nils Ragus Silver Eagle team member
Rob Vitesse Silver Eagle team member
Blue Rose
Borha Blue Rose Team member
Charlotte Roselei Captian
Puli Angel Blue Rose Team member
Sol Marron Blue Rose Team member
Crimson Lion
Ben Benfunk Crimson Lion team member
Forte Gris Crimson Lion team member
Fuegoleon Vermillion Crimson Lion team member
Gareth Crimson Lion team member
Mereoleona Vermillion Captain
Randall Crimson Lion team member
Ruben Chagar Crimson Lion team member
Theresa Rapual Crimson Lion team member
Leopold Vermillion Crimson Lion team member
Green Mantis
En Ringard Green Mantis Team member
Jack the Ripper Captain
Sekke Bronzazza Green Mantis Team member
Willy Green Mantis Team member
Coral Peacock
Dorothy Unsworth Captain
Dmitri Brint Coral Peacock Team Member
Kirsch Vermillion Coral Peacock Team Member
Rick Cornell Coral Peacock Team Member
Purple Orca
Adrian Purple Orca team member
Gueldre Poizot Purple Orca team member
Kaiser Granvorka Captain
Revchi Purple Orca team member
Rades Spirito Purple Orca team member
Xerx Lugner Purple Orca team member
Zara Ideale Purple Orca team member
Azure Deer
Cesc Azure Deer Team member
Fragil Tormenta Azure Deer Team member
Julius Novachrono Azure Deer Team member
Rill Boismortier Captain
Walter Azure Deer Team member
William Vangeance Azure Deer Team member
Yami Sukehiro Azure Deer Team member

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