One Piece

One Piece

One Piece is one of the most popular Japanese Manga & Anime series from Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. This series was released on 22nd July 1997 with over 90 Volumes collection. This is a story of a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who accidentally eats the Devil Fruit and becomes a rubber man. His aim is to be a pirate King nad quite the treasure of One Piece.

During a very small age Monkey D. Luffy organizes his own group called Straw Hat Pirates & leaves in the search of his crew. This was originally a Manga series that later got adapted into Anime. During his journey he finds his crew members names Nami as a navigator, Usopp a snipper, Sanji a chef, Zoro a Swordsman, Nico Robin an archaeologist, Franky a cyborg, Brook a skeletal musician and more.

Recent Updates

One Piece Chapter 925 Spoiler Update

One Piece chapter 925 Spoiler
If you are not aware if One Piece Chapter 925 release date, then you should know that it is delayed till next week. We...

One Piece Episode 862 Spoiler & Release Date- Carrot’s Ultimate Form

One PIece Episode 862
One Piece Episode 862: Sulong! Carrot's Big Mystic Transformation Release Date: 18 - November It looks like the Big Mom Arc is finally coming to an end....

One Piece Chapter 925 Delayed Till Next Week

One Piece Chapter 925
After seeing One Piece last chapter there is a small hint of Luffy & Kid's alliance. It seems that Kaido has betrayed Kid &...

One Piece Chapter 924 – Official Spoiler Update

One Piece Chapter 924
Update: The chapter is aired on 11 November 2018 Finally, we have our hands on the official Spoiler for One Piece chapter 924. According to our...

One Piece Chapter 924 – Expected Spoiler

One Piece Chapter 924 Spoiler
Update: The chapter is aired on 11 November 2018 Everyone is waiting for One Piece Chapter 924 as in the last chapter we saw how Luffy...

One Piece Episode 861 – Sanji & Bege’s Getaway Battle

One Piece Episode 861
One Piece Episode 861: "The Cake Sank! Sanji & Bege's Gateway Battle Release Date: 11- November 2018 It seems that the Big Mom Arc is about to...

One Piece Chapter 924 – Confirmed Release Date & Our Expectation

One Piece Chapter 924
Chapter: One Piece Chapter 924 Release Date: 9 November 2018 Status: Aired One Piece Chapter 923 is out & as expected we saw the furious Luffy fighting...

One Piece Episode 860 – Release Date & Spoiler

One PIece Episode 860
One Piece Episode 860: A Man's Way Of Life! Bege and Luffy's Determination as Captain! Release Date: 4 November 2018 Status: Released One Piece Episode 859 is out...

One Piece Chapter 923 – Release Date & Our Expectation

One piece chapter 923
Chapter: One Piece Chapter 923 Release Date: Expected by 2nd  November Status: Aired One Piece Chapter 923 is out already & the Raw version was out a...

One Piece Chapter 922 – Spoiler Update

One piece chapter 922
Manga Chapter: One Piece Chapter 922 Release Date: 27 October Status: Released One Piece chapter 921 was just a hype, which has made the wait for chapter...

One Piece Pirates

Region Crew Crew Captain

Four Blues

East Blue
Straw Hat Pirate Monkey D. Luffy
Buggy Pirates Buggy
Black Cat Pirates Kuro
Krieg Pirates Krieg
Yes Pirates Billy
Tulip Pirates Yurikah
Spade Pirates Portgas D. Ace
Bluejam Pirates Bluejam
Barto Club Bartolomeo
West Blue Fire Tank Pirates Capone Bege
Happo Navy Sai Chinjao (Former)
North Blue Bellamy Pirates Bellamy
Hawkins Pirates Basil Hawkins
Drake Pirates X Drake
Heart Pirates Trafalgar D. Water Law
South Blue
Bonney Pirates Jewelry Bonney
Kid Pirates Eustass Kid
Gyro Pirates Gyro
Grand Line
Saruyama Alliance Montblanc Cricket
Foxy Pirates Foxy
Macro Pirates Macro
Fallen Monk Pirates Urouge
On Air Pirates Scratchmen Apoo
Caribou Pirates Caribou
Pinkbeard Pirates Pinkbeard
New World Beautiful Pirates Cavendish
Rolling Pirates Lola
Maelstrom Spider Pirates Squard
Sun Pirates Jinbe;
Whitebeard Pirates Edward Newgate
A.O Pirates A.O
Ideo Pirates Ideo
Tontatta Pirates Leo
New Giant Warrior Pirates Hajrudin
Yonta Maria Grand Fleet Orlumbus (Admiral)
Shichibukai Kuja Pirates Boa Hancock
Red Hair Pirates Shanks
Big Mom Pirates Charlotte Linlin
Blackbeard Pirates
Marshall D. Teach (Admiral)
Beasts Pirates Kaido