Apple Wants To Water Seal Your Lightning Connectors


Apple is not moving away from their lightning connectors in the next generation of iPhones. At least we don’t think so & instead they might try to water seal the connectors. Not just the the Lightning Connectors but, maybe the USB-C connectors as well that are more likely seen with the Macbooks.

According to a report by CNET, Apple has filed a patent which can literally help to keep Water & Moisture outside when the cable is plugged in.

Okay, this is not something that existing lightning cables are capable of doing. I mean of course it’s a new patent but, looking at the images above, some you might be thinking it’s something to add on an existing lightning cable but, that’s not how it works.

What Apple is planning to do here is, making new Lightning or USB-C Cables with a seal between the connector itself & the port on your iPhone or Macbook.

I mean sure, you plug in your iPhone phone for charging maybe in your Kitchen or in the Bathroom & there is a lot of moisture in the surroundings. In those conditions moisture can literally enter via the Charging port & make the connector electrified I may say & that can screw up things pretty bad even if your phone is IP68 rated or what not cause, it’s electricity after all.

So, having that extra layer of protection can be really helpful when there is a lot of moisture outside. It can even help with minor water splashes I guess but, not sure if it’ll survive if dropped inside water.

If this form of Lightning & USB-C cables arrives as consumer level products then maybe it’ll be a little easier to use your phone & laptop in bad & wet conditions. I mean even your iPhones cost more than $1000 now & as new products keep coming, they’ll likely be even more expensive. So, it’s important to keep them protected.

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