Apple Watch Series 4 Exposed With Bezel less Display



Apple Watch 4

Apple watch 3 has done pretty well in the market, and we know these technologies are upgraded on every release. The same goes for the Apple Watch 4. The current trend of going bezel-less seems to be adapting in every Apple gadget. First, it was the iPhone X and now it’s Apple Watch 4. This doesn’t mean the Apple Watch 4 will feature a Notch, but this time it has a bezel-free display.

In the recent report on Apple Watch clearly shows a bigger display as compared to the current Version Watch 3. The report also suggested that the Apple watch will come in 2 variant that is the 1.57-inch and 1.78-inch display models. With this small bezel, Apple is trying to fit into the current fashion of technology.

With this trend of getting no bezel-less display means we could get to see bezel-free MacBook in the coming future. With this, we can also predict that the rest of the apple gadgets might come with much better design changes in the future. Along with this, the report has also confirmed about the new iPad to be bezel-free same as other Bezel-less displays in the market.

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