It’s 2018 & almost all the major OEMs are bringing new smartphones that they’re claiming to be equipped with AI. Like the Kirin 970 powered Smartphones with Dedicated Nural Processing Unit (NPU) or the AI capable Snapdragon 845 devices that are coming next month. But, how much truth lies in these claims ? Well, to find that out we need to understand the exact intelligent inclusions in the firmware that the OEMs are including in their smartphones now-a-days. So, let’s get started I guess.

artificial intelligence meaning

First thing you need to know is that, Artificial Intelligence is a huge subject & our smartphones or any current smart devices cannot utilize 100% of it cause, literally 100% of perfection doesn’t even exist in Artificial Intelligence right now. But, what is this total idea of Artificial Intelligence ? Well, think about how Humans develop intelligence by learning & gathering experience. However the most important point is that Humans have the ability to Think & that’s why they can grow intelligence on their own. So, if a Machine can achieve that level of Intelligence similar to humans & specially if it can Think & Solve it’s problems on it’s own, then we can say, that Machine has Artificial Intelligence.

But, wait a minute! Our Phones or any other Electronic Gadgets can’t Think or Make Decisions on their own! Instead, they need to go through a lot of training to be good even at any simple work. So, how can Companies claim that as Artificial Intelligence ? Well, this is pretty much a Marketing Strategy to attract the customers. What companies actually use is a very small part of AI which is known as Machine Learning.

To explain the whole thing in easy words, in Machine Learning, a System is trained to do specific tasks. This means the machine will use some complex algorithms to analyze a huge amount of data for recognition purpose & then it makes future predictions depending on the analyzed data. If the system does a mistake in these prediction results, it’ll actually learn from the mistake & that’s how the system will keep doing less & less mistakes and the results will be more & more appropriate.

But, it’s the same damn thing right ? In Machine Learning the most vital part of AI is missing. A device with Machine Learning cannot think & make decisions at it’s own. So, how can OEMs claim that they’ve AI in their Smartphones ? Well, as I told you earlier, Machine Learning is just a small part of AI. There is a lot more to it like Deep Learning for example.

So, Does A Smartphone With True Artificial Intelligence Even Exist ? 

On an honest note, No. But, as these technologies continue to evolve & we keep getting more Intelligent SOCs in the future, it’ll possibly be true someday but, that time hasn’t arrived yet. So, we are definitely heading towards an Artificially Intelligent future but, it’ll take a few more years to reach that goal. After that, our phones might even be capable of thinking & taking it’s decisions on it’s own.